Cargo insurance

The international logistics operator Alexander Global Logistics organizes cargo and transport insurance for international and domestic transport . We will help you insure on decent conditions:

  • goods being moved;
  • transport;
  • overhead and shipping costs;
  • carrier’s responsibility

We make out insurance policies in Russia and abroad. Alexander Global Logistics holding cooperates with insurance companies around the world, is a member of international logistics associations:

  • Project Logistics Alliance;
  • Africa Logistics Network.

The company has offices in 8 countries, including Germany, China and Russia.

Cargo insurance against risks during transportation

By sending the goods to the buyer, ordering delivery from the seller at your own expense, you risk your own means, time, profit. Insurance of transported goods will allow you to receive compensation in case of damage or loss.

Our experts will agree:

  • the most convenient terms of the insurance contract for the cargo owner;
  • list of insurance claims, conditions and amount of compensation;
  • the size of the insurer’s premium.

Transportation insurance

We advise transport partners on the issues and benefits of contractor liability insurance. If the carrier’s liability is insured, it is beneficial for the customer and the transporter himself:

  • in case of loss or spoilage of goods, the cargo owner can count on compensation for their value;
  • if the owner has additionally insured the delivery, the transport owner will not have to reimburse the claim from his own funds – this will be done by his insurance company.

Services and terms of cargo insurance

We will issue an insurance policy for a consignment transported by any type of transport:

  • by sea or river vessel;
  • train;
  • by truck;
  • by plane.

We insure the delivery:

  • on the entire route from point A to point B, regardless of the type of vehicle;
  • for each type of transport separately;
  • for a certain period, without limiting the number of movements.

We recommend a reliable insurance company.

We will help you prepare documents for the goods: confirm the cost, justify the amount of compensation.

We agree on the likely risks in order to avoid overpayments for insurance.

Request advice on cargo insurance during transportation via the online form. Or ask a specialist a question through other communication channels:

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