River freight

The international logistics operator Alexander Global Logistics will organize cargo transportation across Russia by river . We deliver goods over long distances through the inland waterways of the country. We transport by river :

  • project oversized;
  • bulk materials;
  • lumber, timber, roundwood;
  • building structures, equipment;
  • tracked, wheeled transport (agricultural, special);
  • equipment, spare parts, components;
  • feed, silage;
  • grain, legumes, other types of food;
  • fertilizers, chemical raw materials;
  • planting material, seeds;
  • bulk products, LPG.

River transport routes

We organize the transportation of commercial shipments along deep rivers Russian Federation:

  • Volga;
  • Don;
  • Obi;
  • Yenisei;
  • Lena.

We deliver goods through the Volga-Don channel:

  • from the Russian coast of the Caspian Sea;
  • from Turkmenistan;
  • from the territory of Azerbaijan;
  • from Iran.

River transport services

We will provide fast and inexpensive transportation of goods by river in containers, in bulk in holds, coasting on board:

  • we will advise on proper packaging, labeling of consignments;
  • charter a vehicle;
  • we agree on the conditions of placement, fastening of packages;
  • fill in the cargo bills of lading;
  • we organize the transfer of products on board;
  • we insure the shipments;
  • if necessary, we will order a transfer of goods to the place of loading.

We cooperate with Russian and foreign shipping companies.

Rent under river freight :

  • barges;
  • bulk carriers;
  • bulk carriers;
  • tankers.

Order consultation and calculation transportation of goods by river:

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