Project transportation

The international logistics operator Alexander Global Logistics organizes project shipments foreign and Russian goods. We solve complex non-standard tasks in the field of cargo transportation, which other transport companies have abandoned. We organize transportation of project oversized cargo by various means of transport:

  • by cars;
  • by sea;
  • by trains;
  • by cargo planes.

Holding Alexander Global Logistics cooperates with transport companies around the world, is a member of international logistics associations:

  • Project Logistics Alliance;
  • Africa Logistics Network.

The company has offices in 8 countries, including Germany, China and Russia.

Oversized turnkey project transportation

We organize international transportation of oversized heavy objects as part of project supplies. We will help to deliver from/to Russia:

  • rolled steel, metal structures;
  • pipes, concrete goods;
  • industrial, mining, processing equipment, production lines;
  • reactors, components, boilers, casings and engines;
  • special, road, agricultural machinery;
  • water and air transport;
  • loading, lifting, elevator and escalator systems.

Let’s solve transport, organizational, customs issues in the “all in” mode:

  • we will develop, we will agree transportation route ;
  • calculate, organize all the stages of movement, transshipment;
  • get the necessary permissions, conduct preparatory work;
  • we select and provide for loading rolling stock , additional equipment;
  • provide loading, fastening freight units in transport;
  • we arrange insurance and transportation support;
  • execute transport, export, additional documents;
  • we agree on the conditions of placement, the procedure for customs clearance of goods in Russia;
  • we organize the projected release of goods under the declared regime.

We strictly control the terms of transportation. We quickly resolve non-standard situations.

Project transportation of oversized vehicles

We organize project transportation of oversized cargo by road:

  • transfer of objects to/from the place of loading to the main carrier with mixed delivery;
  • transportation according to the D2D scheme (door-to-door) in international traffic.

Provide for loading:

  • long meters – airborne, panel trucks, tipper;
  • trawls – high-frame, low-frame, telescopic;
  • super heavy modules with a lowered platform.

We agree on a route, get permissions, and develop loading and fastening schemes. We will provide escort and protection of cargo along the entire route.

Project shipments by sea

We deliver the design cargo by sea:

  • we will select and charter a vessel of the required carrying capacity;
  • we agree on the layout, mounting, conditions and cost of transportation;
  • we organize freight agency services in the Russian port;
  • we organize the transshipment/placement of oversized objects at the port terminal;
  • we will provide customs clearance/customs clearance of the project delivery.

Forwarding project shipments to the ports of Kaliningrad, St. Petersburg, Novorossiysk, St. Petersburg, Vladivostok. We organize the reception, unloading and transshipment of oversized goods in any deep-sea port of the Russian Federation.

We will provide oversized transportation to/from the port by train or road.

Air delivery of oversized objects

We organize urgent transportation of oversized goods by air. We’ll bring long, large-sized objects by plane if they pass into the cargo compartment opening.

We will help you deliver goods to remote areas of the Russian Federation and foreign countries.

Order a consultation and calculation of cost project transportation:

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