Groupage cargo

The international logistics operator Alexander Global Logistics offers delivery services for LCL, LTL shipments from abroad:

  • groupage cargo transportation “turnkey”;
  • terminal forwarding of consolidated deliveries in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Vladivostok, Novorossiysk, Kaliningrad;
  • customs clearance of partion shipments, including remote release.

We provide comprehensive services according to the “all in” scheme:

  • organize and control co-executors;
  • we monitor all stages, deadlines, the result of work;
  • we are responsible for the cargo to the customer.

We will bring a commercial shipment weighing more than 20 kg from Europe, Southeast Asia, the Middle East, North and Latin America.

We will deliver cargo from China to Russia quickly:

  • the period of formation of a shipment in China does not exceed 6 days;
  • transit time of sea transportation to Vladivostok – 2-9 days;
  • an accelerated container train will deliver loaded containers to Moscow from Vladivostok in 8-10 days, from Ningbo, Beijing, Yingkou in 16 days.

Customs clearance groupage cargo

We declare the combined goods deliveries at the border and internal customs posts. We provide trouble-free production of foreign products for free circulation:

  • check the documentation in advance, help eliminate defects;
  • we will coordinate the customs codes of the EAEU in the customs, the risks that confirm the package;
  • we calculate payments for the release of Chinese products without delays and surprises;
  • we organize certification of foreign products in the Russian Federation, state registration, registration of other permits.

Delivery of cargoes in Russia

We deliver customs cleared import goods to recipients in the regions of the Russian Federation. We ship combined commercial deliveries in Russia:

  • in tilt trucks with a capacity of 86-92 m3;
  • by carload by train;
  • by light utility vehicles.

Calculate the cost of delivery of cargoes from the EU and China on the day of contact:

call us on the phone +7 (812) 509-23-33, or request a call back.

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