Groupage cargo from Turkey

International logistics operator Alexander Global Logistics organizes freight transportation from Turkey  to Russia on any commercial terms.

We offer comprehensive services for cargo delivery from Turkey in single window mode:

  • under one contract, a common transport account;
  • on the contract of the customer or reseller.

We assist in the procurement of Turkish products, negotiate prices, terms of shipment, and draft a convenient foreign trade contract for the customer.
Big company – great opportunities:

  • Alexander Global Logistics holding is represented in 8 countries of the world.
  • We have additional support for international logistics associations: Project Logistics Alliance, Africa Logistics Network.

How we deliver goods from Turkey

We deliver goods from Turkey to recipients in Moscow, St. Petersburg, and others cities Russia , including remote regions: the Urals, Siberia, Altai Territory, Primorye and the Far East. We plan convenient logistics schemes taking into account the priorities of the customer:

Express delivery by plane 1-3 days from 3 $ / kg

At the time of transportation we take responsibility for the cargo, actions of the co-contractors, fulfillment of obligations under the contract:

  • organization of transportation;
  • providing transshipment;
  • consolidation, warehousing, storage of goods;
  • shipping insurance;
  • execution of cargo documents, transport permits;
  • interaction with state control services;
  • control at all stages of the route.

We assist in the certification of foreign products, solving customs issues, declaring delivery for the selected procedure.

Sea freight from Turkey

We organize multimodal (mixed) transportation of goods from Turkey. We ship full consignments of Turkish products in containers from ports:

  • Istanbul, Gebze;
  • Mersin;
  • Izmir;
  • Samsun.

Forwarding inbound cargo at the port of Novorossiysk. We organize a customs clearance through the EDC. We move goods from the ZTK. We deliver to the destination in the container, or in a closed van (after refilling).

Route step Runtime
Move the consignment to the port 1 day
Deadline for loading clearance 2 days
Sea freight to Novorossiysk

Istanbul, Gebze, Samsun

Izmir, Mersin

1 day 4-9 days
Sea freight to St. Petersburg 21-25 days
Unloading from the ship 1 day
Auto delivery Novorossiysk-Moscow/Saint-Petersburg 2-4 days.

Accepted for transportation from/to Turkey:

  • fruits and vegetables (fresh, frozen);
  • bean;
  • vegetable oils;
  • paper, cardboard;
  • rolled steel.

Groupage from Turkey

We deliver groupage cargo from Turkey to Russia by road using a ferry routes:

  • Istanbul-Novorossiysk-Moscow;
  • Istanbul-Zonguldak-Novorossiysk-Moscow.

We send general and combined consignments with eurotrucks, megatrailers (92 m3, 20 tons). We deliver fresh vegetables, fruits, greens with refrigerated trailers. We transport oversized objects, special equipment, lengthy construction materials:

  • coast (RO-RO);
  • in bulk on a ferry;
  • low loader trawls, scows.
Consolidation of goods shipments warehouse in Istanbul 2-5 days
Machine exit 1-2 times a week as the cargo lot is formed
Travel time Istanbul-Novorossiysk 24-36 hours
Novorossiysk-Moscow 2-3 days
Customs clearance of the collection ILO CED 12-24 hours

We declare the imported products in the EDC of the Moscow Regional Customs.

We prove the customs value.

Groupage cargo from Turkey

Accepted for the combined delivery from Turkey in the general cargo area:

  • equipment, machinery, tools;
  • spare parts, components;
  • textiles, fabrics, threads;
  • sewing accessories, accessories;
  • clothes, shoes, underwear;
  • leather products;
  • building mixtures, paints and varnishes;
  • decoration materials;
  • plumbing fixtures, products;
  • chemical raw materials, plastics;
  • finished packaging;
  • hygiene items.

We will disband prefabricated deliveries after customs clearance. We deliver consignments to our destination.

We send Russian products for export to Turkey from the port of Novorossiysk in a container, by road from Moscow.

Order calculation of the delivery of cargo from Turkey through the request form on the page. Or ask the manager another convenient way:

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