Groupage cargo from the USA

International logistics operator Alexander Global Logistics organizes commercial freight transportation from the USA  on any commercial terms.

We offer comprehensive services for delivery of goods from the USA to Russia on all in:

  • under one contract, a common transport account;
  • on the contract of the customer or reseller.

We assist in organizing the procurement of American products:

  • negotiation, negotiation of prices, conditions of shipment;
  • preparation of a customer-friendly foreign trade contract;
  • transfer payment for the goods in foreign currency.

Cargo transportation from the USA to Russia

We organize commercial transportation of American-made goods to recipients throughout Russia. We plan individual schemes delivery general and groupage cargo from the United States tailored to the specifics of the shipment:

  • characteristics of the cargo, lot size;
  • terms of delivery, points of loading/final destination;
  • urgent shipping;
  • financial possibilities of the cargo owner.

At the time of transportation, we take responsibility for the cargo, the actions of the involved contractors. Under the contract we provide services:

  • transportation;
  • transshipment;
  • consolidation, warehouse processing, storage of goods;
  • shipping insurance;
  • documentary support of transportation;
  • interactions with port services, state control, customs;
  • tracking operations at all stages of the route.

We assist in the certification of foreign products.

Shipping from the United States

We deliver goods from America by sea through St. Petersburg, Vladivostok, Bremerhaven (Germany).

Stage of transportation Deadline
Consolidation, formation of a cargo lot, transportation to the place of loading onto the ship 5-14 days
Deadline for loading clearance 2 days
US West Coast Ports (Seattle, Portland, San Francisco, Los Angeles) to Vladivostok 25-28 days
From the ports of the eastern coast of the United States (Boston, New York, Philadelphia, Baltimore, Norfolk, Charleston, New Orleans) to St. Petersburg 25-30 days
Unloading from the ship 1 day

We organize quick declaring of containerized cargo, remote release of goods through the EDC of St. Petersburg, Vladivostok Customs.

We move group deliveries from Vladivostok to Moscow by train.

We transport dangerous chemicals by sea from America, project oversized.

Delivery of goods from the United States by air

Air transportation is a fast and safe option for delivering urgent items from America, fragile products, sensitive products. We offer expedited delivery ( including national team for lots from 1 kg ) of cargo from the USA by plane with customs clearance in Moscow .

Delivered from the United States by air in 2-5 days:

  • equipment, original auto parts, components for equipment and vehicles;
  • computer, office equipment, electronics;
  • medicines, veterinary drugs;
  • cosmetics, perfumes;
  • medical devices, complex equipment; surgical instruments;
  • sample products for research, certification.

We will disassemble prefabricated deliveries after release. We will send consignments to the destination by domestic flight or by road.

We take care of the cargo abroad, as well as upon arrival in Russia:

  • We provide the services of a logistic and trade operator in the USA.
  • We provide forwarding, accompanying international deliveries at the terminals of the Moscow air hub, St. Petersburg and Vladivostok seaports.
  • We organize the customs clearance of foreign products in the EDC of the Aviation, Moscow Region, St. Petersburg, Vladivostok Customs.
  • We deliver products from America to recipients in the Urals, Altai, Siberia, the Far East.

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