Groupage cargo from Poland

The international logistics operator Alexander Global Logistics will arrange delivery of goods from Poland to Russia  .

Dates of the delivery team from Poland to Moscow , St. Petersburg

Operation time
calculation 2-5 hours
comprehensive feasibility study agreement (execution, signing, exchange of electronic copies) 3-8 hours
application processing 2-5 hours
delivery of transport for loading / receiving goods + 1 day / as agreed
consolidation / formation of a consignment at a warehouse in Bialystok 2-5 days
exit of cars from Bialystok to the Russian border departure weekly on Friday
EX-1 layout on the day the machine leaves
transit time Bialystok-Moscow / St. Petersburg (TSW) 3 days
customs clearance in the EDC 1 day (3-12 hours)
border control (phytosanitary, veterinary, quarantine) 1 day
search (at the request of the customs) 12-24 hours

Groupage transportation from Poland to Russia

We will provide fast delivery small merchandise delivery from Poland as part of groupage cargo . We deliver fractional / incomplete goods deliveries from Polish territories:

  • prefabricated eurotrucks (92 m3, 20 tons);
  • by light-duty trucks (with a carrying capacity of 1.5 to 10 tons);
  • transport with ADR certificate;
  • refrigerators, isotherms.

We take care of organizational tasks:

  • providing rolling stock;
  • design permissions;
  • filling in shipping documents;
  • filing EPIT at the border;
  • placement on the TSW.

We will help to certify foreign products in Russia. We will bring the goods to Moscow, St. Petersburg, other cities of the Russian Federation:

  • of Polish origin;
  • made in other EU countries;
  • arrived in the Polish state from Asia, Africa, America.

Delivery of Polish goods to the regions of the Russian Federation

We move the customs cleared deliveries from the temporary storage warehouse, organize the responsible storage at the company’s warehouse at discounted prices.

We deliver groupage goods from Poland after customs clearance to recipients in any region of Russia.

Accepted for transportation by combined and small vehicles:

  • shelf stable foods;
  • products for children, adolescents, sports;
  • power tools, machines;
  • industrial, professional equipment;
  • auto parts, components for wheeled vehicles, other vehicles;
  • hygiene products;
  • household chemicals, disinfectants;
  • raw materials for chemical and cosmetic products;
  • paints, finishes.

Transported by refrigerated vehicles:

  • pharmaceuticals;
  • alcoholic, low alcohol, soft drinks;
  • perishable food;
  • batches of floral products, planting stock.

Transportation from Poland by air

We arrange expedited transportation urgent, fragile, perishable < b> goods from Poland by plane. Send by direct flight from the international airports of Warsaw, Krakow, Gdansk, and others:

  • lots of clothes, shoes, accessories;
  • spare parts, components, tools;
  • medical, research equipment;
  • measuring instruments;
  • cosmetics, perfumes;
  • medicines;
  • cut flowers, living plants.

We provide comprehensive forwarding services in the territory of the European Union.

We will provide forwarding, escort of foreign deliveries at the terminals of the Moscow air hub, in Pulkovo.

We organize customs clearance of Polish products in the Central Design Bureau of Aviation, Moscow Regional, St. Petersburg Customs.

Order the calculation of automobile delivery of goods from Poland through the online form. Or ask a specialist a question through other communication channels:

  • leave a request for a “call back”;
  • send an email to ;
  • call the toll free number +7 (812) 509-23-33.
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