Groupage cargo from Italy

The international logistics operator Alexander Global Logistics will arrange delivery commercial goods from Italy to Russia . We deliver Spanish products to customers from Moscow, other cities of the Russian Federation:

  • by air – scheduled passenger/cargo charter flights
  • by sea – through the ports of St. Petersburg, Novorossiysk;
  • by road – with customs clearance and transshipment in Moscow.

We will solve all questions regarding the organization, documenting of international freight transportation from Italy . We will provide fast and predictable customs clearance of Italian products in the Russian Federation.

Transportation of goods from Italy

We adapt universal working delivery schemes for Spanish items for each consignment. We plan a route and logistics taking into account:

  • weight, scope of supply;
  • characteristics, product features;
  • conditions of shipment, start and end points of delivery;
  • urgent shipping;
  • financial possibilities of the cargo owner.

Road freight transport from Italy to Moscow

We deliver general and groupage cargo from Italy to Moscow, St. Petersburg, and Russian regions. We organize road transport of combined consignments from Europe through a transit warehouse in Germany.

Alexander Global Logistics holding is represented in 8 countries of the world. We have the support of international logistics associations:

  • Project Logistics Alliance;
  • Africa Logistics Network.

We will bring small cargo from Italy faster and cheaper than competitors:

Coordination with the sender of the terms of loading, transfer of goods 3-20 hours
formation of a consignment at a transit warehouse in Berlin 2-5 days
exit of full cars from the European warehouse every Thursday
EX-1 style on the day of loading into the main vehicle
auto delivery to Moscow / St. Petersburg (TSW) 3-4 days
customs clearance in the EDC 1 day (3-12 hours) with timely submission of documents
Border control (phytosanitary, veterinary, quarantine) 1 day
Inspection (at the request of the customs) 12-24 hours

We provide comprehensive forwarding services in Europe.

We offer special prices for delivery of prefabricated cargo from Italy with customs clearance in Moscow . We accept applications for the shipment of goods from Rome, Milan, Turin, Naples.

Delivery of Italian goods by sea

We offer individual integrated solutions for the supply of large quantities of Italian products to the Russian Federation. We organize mixed (multimodal) transportation of goods from Spain:

  • transportation of a shipment from the supplier’s warehouse to the port by car or train;
  • sea freight to Novorossiysk, St. Petersburg;
  • cargo declaration at the Central Customs Office of Novorossiysk, St. Petersburg Customs.
Route step Runtime
Move the consignment to the port

EX1 design (optional)

1 day
Sea freight to Novorossiysk 9-15 days
Sea freight to St. Petersburg 15-21 days
Deadline for loading clearance 2 days
Return route from Petersburg to any of the German ports 4 days
Unloading from the ship 1 day

After arriving in Russia by sea, foreign goods after customs clearance are sent to the destination by train or by road.

Urgent delivery of goods from Italy

Air transportation is a fast and safe option for delivering urgent items, ensures the safety of fragile products, sensitive products. We offer express delivery of goods from Italy with expedited customs clearance in Moscow .

  • We agree with the sender on the details of the shipment of goods within 3-20 hours after the application is submitted.
  • We deliver European products to recipients in the Urals, Altai, Siberia, the Far East.

Order calculation of the delivery of groupage cargo from Italy through the online form. Or ask a specialist in another convenient way:

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