Groupage cargo from India

The international logistics operator Alexander Global Logistics will arrange delivery goods from India to Russia on any commercial conditions:

  • “turnkey” – with customs clearance, additional services;
  • in the “single window” mode – under one contract, with a total bill for the whole range of logistics services;
  • on the contract of the customer or reseller;
  • on a full outsourcing basis.

Big company – great opportunities.

  • Alexander Global Logistics holding is represented in 8 countries of the world.
  • We have additional support for international logistics associations: Project Logistics Alliance, Africa Logistics Network.
Express delivery by plane 1-3 days from 5 $/kg
Mixed Air Freight 5-10 days from 7 $/kg
Multimodal Sea Shipping 25-45 days from 0.5 $/kg

International freight from India

We will arrange cargo delivery from India to Moscow, St. Petersburg, others cities of Russia. We will offer a convenient logistic scheme based on customer priorities:

  • We will bring an urgent order from India by direct flight through Moscow.
  • We will send Indian products by plane to Europe, and from there we will deliver to the Russian Federation by road.
  • We ship the goods by sea in a container to St. Petersburg, Novorossiysk, German Bremerhaven. We arrange car or rail delivery depending on the final destination.

We will take care of the solution of organizational, logistic and customs issues at any stage of the international cargo transportation:

  • we will coordinate the time, shipping details with the sender;
  • we will provide transfer, transshipment, additional cargo handling;
  • organize documentary support for shipment;
  • we will monitor compliance with the conditions for the import of goods into the Russian Federation, the availability of permits;
  • help to comply with customs formalities when crossing the Russian border.

We will help to certify foreign goods in Russia, get the necessary permissions, conclusions, and refusal letters.
We will declare products in the Russian Federation, place them under the selected customs procedure.

Delivery of goods from India by sea

We offer comprehensive solutions for the supply of large, medium and small batches of Indian products to the Russian Federation. We organize mixed (multimodal) transportation of general and groupage cargo from India:

  • we accept fractional goods deliveries for consolidation in warehouses in Mumbai, Chennai, we form full freight lots;
  • we will coordinate the delivery of the conveyance for general cargo;
  • we execute transport documents, provide additional services for sending goods from India;
  • we ship containers on board the liner to the planned port in Russia or Europe;
  • we arrange container transshipment in the port, transfer to the place of customs clearance;
  • we declare imported products at the Central EDC for Novorossiysk, St. Petersburg, Moscow Regional Customs.
Route step Runtime
Consolidation for the shipping team 2-5 days
Move the consignment to the port 1 day
Deadline for loading clearance 2 days
Sea freight to Novorossiysk 21-23 days
Sea freight to St. Petersburg 35-36 days
Sea freight to Bremerhaven 25-28 days
Unloading from the ship 1 day
Transshipment in Germany 3-5 days
Auto delivery Bremen-Moscow/Saint-Petersburg 4-5 days.

We will disband consolidated cargoes after customs clearance. We deliver goods deliveries to the destination by road.

Delivery of express cargo from India by plane

Air delivery is a quick and extremely safe solution for transporting fragile products, sensitive products. Air delivery is expensive, but the costs are justified when urgency is the priority, minimizing the risks of damage or natural damage to the cargo:

  • lack of multiple transshipments, sudden changes in temperature, excessive humidity;
  • reduced time spent in uncomfortable conditions for the product.

We offer careful delivery of goods from India by air:

  • direct flight via Moscow ;
  • with an accelerated customs clearance at the Central Customs Office of the Customs at customs.

After release, we ship the goods by domestic flight or by road.

Order calculation for the delivery of cargo from India through the online form. Or ask a specialist a question through other communication channels:

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