Groupage cargo from France

Groupage cargo from France

International logistics operator Alexander Global Logistics will arrange delivery commercial cargo from France to Russia :

  • quickly – by plane with customs clearance in Moscow;
  • inexpensive – by sea through the port of St. Petersburg;
  • convenient – by road to the final destination.

Delivery of goods from France to Moscow, St. Petersburg

We deliver French goods to Russian customers:

  • for legal entities;
  • for individual entrepreneurs.

We offer individual transportation schemes taking into account the specifics of delivery.

Groupage road transport of goods from France

We deliver delivery fractional LTL consignments from France as part of groupage cargo . We are planning combined transport from EU countries through transit warehouses in Berlin and Bremen. We offer preferential conditions, special prices for automobile delivery of goods from France to Moscow.

Coordination with the sender of the terms of loading/transfer of goods 1 day
Consolidation/formation of a consignment in a transit warehouse 2-5 days
Exit cars from Germany to the Russian border departure weekly on Thursday
EX-1 layout on the day the prefab is loaded
auto delivery to Moscow/St. Petersburg (TSW) 3-4 days
Customs clearance in the EDC 1 day (3-12 hours) with timely submission of documents
Border control (phytosanitary, veterinary, quarantine) 1 day
Inspection (at the request of the customs) 12-24 hours

Alexander Global Logistics holding is represented in 8 countries of the world, including Germany and Russia (own offices). We have the support of international logistics associations:

  • Project Logistics Alliance;
  • Africa Logistics Network.

We provide comprehensive forwarding services in Europe.

Delivery from France by air

Air delivery is an expensive, but the fastest and safest option for transporting express items, fragile products, and sensitive products. When transporting goods by air:

  • lower risk of damage, since there are no multiple transshipments;
  • minimum travel time;
  • sparing placement conditions without changes in temperature, humidity;

We will arrange expedited delivery of goods from France by plane with customs clearance in Moscow . We agree on the details of the shipment of goods with the sender within 24 hours after the application is submitted.

Booking a flight from the nearest airport 5-12 hours
Travel time (to Moscow, St. Petersburg) 4-6 hours (add 5 hours deadline, 6 hours loading, 6 hours unloading)
Customs clearance in the EDC 2-12 hours (subject to prior application)

Shipping from France

We organize the delivery of French products to Russia by sea. We ship from sea cargo ports:

  • project oversized, heavy and long objects;
  • general container lots for regional customers.
Logistic operation
Sea freight to St. Petersburg


Nantes, Brest, Le Havre


15-21 days 9-15 days

4-5 days

Deadline for loading clearance 2 days
Return route from Petersburg to any of the German ports 4 days
Unloading from the ship 1 day

After arriving in Russia by sea, foreign goods after customs clearance are sent to the destination by train or by road.

We will provide forwarding, escort of international deliveries at the terminals of the Moscow air hub, St. Petersburg Sea Port, TSW motor transport posts.

We organize customs clearance of foreign products in the Central Design Bureau of Aviation, Moscow Regional, and St. Petersburg Customs.

We deliver European products to recipients in the Urals, Altai, Siberia, the Far East.

Order calculation of the delivery of cargo from France through the online form. Or ask a specialist in another convenient way:

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