Groupage cargo from Finland

International logistics operator Alexander Global Logistics delivers general and groupage cargoes from Finland to Moscow by road , St. Petersburg, other cities of Russia .

Consolidation of goods shipments warehouse in Lappeenranta 2-4 days
Machine exit Finland-Russia 2 times a week
Travel time To St. Petersburg arrival day to day
To Moscow 1 day
Customs clearance 3-24 hours

Commercial freight transportation from Finland to Russia

We deliver to customers from the Russian Federation products of Finnish origin, as well as goods from Asia and America that transit through the European state.

We send general and combined cargo parties:

  • with European trucks, megatrailers (92 m3, 20 tons);
  • by light-duty trucks (with carrying capacities from 1.5 to 10 tons);
  • transport with ADR certificate;
  • refrigerated, insulated vans

Complex services for the delivery of goods from Finland

We organize international freight transportation commercial deliveries from Finland to Russia under any INCOTERMS conditions. We take on the decision of organizational, transport, customs issues.

  • providing rolling stock;
  • execution of EX1, shipping documents
  • obtaining road permits;
  • fill in the EPIT at the border;
  • placement at the temporary storage warehouse of a motor vehicle post;
  • representing the interests of the cargo owner, including presenting the goods to customs and state services for control;
  • declaration of goods in the Central Marketplace.

We will help to certify foreign products in Russia.

Delivery of goods from Finland to the regions of the Russian Federation

We organize expedited transportation of Finnish shipments through St. Petersburg with a customs clearance. After the release, we will disband groupage goods from Finland :

  • we organize responsible storage of supplies at the company’s warehouse at preferential prices;
  • we send consignments to recipients in any region of Russia.

Accepted for delivery from Finland in the cargo compartments of car trailers, vans:

  • shelf stable foods;
  • products for children, teenagers;
  • sports equipment;
  • power tools, machines;
  • industrial, professional equipment;
  • household appliances;
  • spare parts, components;
  • detergents, detergents and compounds;
  • household chemicals, hygiene items;
  • raw materials for chemical and cosmetic products;
  • fertilizers;
  • nutritional supplements;
  • pet food, accessories;
  • clothes, shoes.

Transported by refrigerated vehicles:

  • baby food;
  • medicines;
  • premixes, veterinary drugs;
  • alcoholic, low alcohol, drinks;

Export to Finland

We send Russian products for export to Finland from St. Petersburg general or </ span> groupage:

  • arrange transport;
  • control transshipment;
  • arrange export on the day of loading;
  • we deliver goods to the Finnish recipient in 1-2 days.

We provide comprehensive forwarding services in the countries of the European Union.

Forwarding foreign deliveries to the temporary storage warehouse of motor transport posts in Moscow and St. Petersburg.

We organize remote customs clearance through the EDC.

Order calculation of automobile delivery of goods from Finland through the request form on the page. Or ask the manager another convenient way:

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