Groupage cargo from China

International logistics operator Alexander Global Logistics delivers goods from China to Russia on any commercial terms:

  • “turnkey” – with customs clearance, additional services;
  • in the “single window” mode – under one contract, with a total bill for the whole range of logistics services;
  • on the contract of the customer or reseller;
  • on a full outsourcing basis.

Big company – great opportunities.

  • Alexander Global Logistics holding is represented in 8 countries, including China and Russia (own representative offices).
  • We have additional support for international logistics associations: Project Logistics Alliance, Africa Logistics Network.
Express delivery by plane 1-3 days from 5 $ / kg
Mixed Air Freight 5-10 days from 2 $ / kg
Railway collection delivery 22-25 days from 0.7 $ / kg
Multimodal Sea Shipping 25-45 days from 0.5 $ / kg

Freight from China

We will arrange delivery of goods from China to the recipients in Moscow, other cities Russia in the way convenient for the customer:

  • by plane in 3-5 days, including the execution of shipping documents in China, customs clearance in the Russian Federation;
  • by sea via St. Petersburg, Vladivostok, Novorossiysk depending on the final destination;
  • by rail as part of a direct container train.

We will take care of the solution of organizational, logistic and customs issues at any stage of the international cargo transportation:

  • we will coordinate the time, shipping details with the sender;
  • we will provide the necessary transportation, transshipment, additional cargo handling;
  • organize documentary support for shipment;
  • we will monitor compliance with the conditions for the import, export of goods, the availability of permits;
  • help to comply with customs formalities when crossing the Russian customs border.

Groupage cargo from China

We provide comprehensive services for delivery small shipments  from China as part of groupage cargo . We ship them to the sea and land ports of China combined commodity deliveries:

  • from multiple senders;
  • to several recipients in the Russian Federation.

Accepted for groupage transportation from China in the general cargo area:

  • clothes, shoes;
  • accessories, products from genuine and artificial leather;
  • fabrics, threads;
  • sewing accessories and accessories;
  • products for children, teenagers;
  • sports equipment;
  • electric and hand tools;
  • industrial equipment, machines, components for them;
  • domestic and industrial machines;
  • auto parts, spare parts, components for vehicles;
  • furniture fittings, fasteners;
  • plastic, rubber, consumer goods;
  • raw materials for chemical and cosmetic products

Groupage deliveries from China by rail

We will organize national teams container transportation of goods from China by rail. Expedited container trains depart weekly from China’s land ports:

  • Guangzhou;
  • Shanghai;
  • Beijing;
  • Yingkou;
  • Ningbo;
  • Changsha;
  • Qingdao.

Trains run through Manchuria to the PRC, the Trans-Siberian Railway in the Russian Federation to Moscow (Vorsino station).

  • We will form a cargo batch to fill a common container.
  • We will send the combined delivery by train, track the movements, arrival at the destination station.
  • Unclassify the container, move it to the TSW.
  • We organize the customs clearance of goods in the EDC of the Moscow Regional Customs.
  • We deliver the separated goods deliveries after release to the recipients door.

Delivery of special cargo from China by air

Air transportation is a fast and safe option for delivering urgent items, ensures the safety of fragile products, sensitive products. We offer careful delivery of goods from China by air with accelerated customs clearance in Moscow . We arrange air transportation from China:

  • urgent orders of equipment, spare parts;
  • computer, office equipment, electronic components;
  • cosmetics and raw materials;
  • medical equipment, instruments;
  • samples for certification.

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