Delivery of goods from Ukraine

The international logistics operator Alexander Global Logistics organizes the transportation of commercial goods from Ukraine to Russia through MAPP Nekhoteevka, Grayvoron-Velikaya Pisarevka, Shebekino-Pletenevka, Rovenki – Tanyushevka, Novye Yurkovichi, Pogar, Troebortnoe, Bugaevka , Krupets, Suja . We arrange delivery by sea with departure from Odessa, Illichivsk, Yuzhny and arrival at the port of Novorossiysk.
We will deliver Ukrainian goods to the Russian Federation, send Russian products for export to a neighboring state by sea, by rail, by road or by mixed message:

  • under a single transport agreement;
  • on the terms terminal-terminal, door-terminal, door-to-door;
  • with customs clearance in the Russian Federation;
  • if necessary – certification of products in the EAEU;
  • with delivery across the territory of Russia: across the North-West Federal District, Central Federal District, Southern Federal District, North-Western Federal District and beyond the Urals.

We advise Russian exporters on issues of documenting the supply of Ukrainian products.

We have been working on the route for a long time, we organize the delivery of goods from Ukraine to Russia by road and sea, by plane, by rail. Logistics of cargo transportation to St. Petersburg, Moscow, Petrozavodsk, Nizhny Novgorod, Volgograd, Krasnodar, Stavropol, Tambov, Kursk, Bryansk, Smolensk and to other regions has been developed. We plan logistics taking into account the political situation, build routes including through the Republic of Belarus.

It is possible to import goods from Ukraine by rail through the ZhPP Valuyki, Dolbino, Suzemka. Further transportation in the Russian Federation is carried out by road or rail.

Cargo transportation from Ukraine

We provide services of an integrated logistics operator on the route Russia-Ukraine:

  • we organize logistics, delivery forwarding at all stages of the route;
  • we provide transportation documentation;
  • we provide customs services in the Russian Federation and Ukraine;
  • we help to obtain import permits, to certify products in the EAEU.

Automobile cargo delivery

We organize truck transportation from Ukraine to Russia and vice versa. We provide rolling stock for the transportation of various product groups:

  • light-duty vans 1,5 – 5 tons for prefabricated (LTL) shipments: clothes, shoes, spare parts and components for equipment , machine tools, technological equipment;
  • closed, tilt trailers, semi-trailers 10-20 tons and euro vans for transportation of overall equipment, elements of technological lines, machine tools, general goods and any packaged (palletized) goods;
  • truck tractors for containers (20- and 40-foot) – for any type of cargo, including hazardous bulk (tank- containers and flexi tanks);
  • heat booths, refrigerators, RC and glaciers for temperature products;
  • long meters, low loader trailers, platforms for transporting oversized goods, HT type containers.

We provide insurance, protection of goods, transport permits. In case of oversized and heavy transportation – we will coordinate the route of traffic, if necessary – we will organize escort vehicles.

We develop a safe route taking into account the condition of roads in the right direction. We conduct surveys of roads and roadside infrastructure before driving with long, oversized cargo.

Groupage deliveries from Kiev to Moscow

We provide comprehensive LTL (LCL) delivery services for consignments as part of consolidated cargo lots. We regularly transport Russian and Ukrainian goods on the route Moscow – Kiev:

  • arrange a transfer to the consolidation warehouse;
  • we provide additional services»in the field”, including customs;
  • we inform customers about the features of the exchange of goods between the two countries;
  • we control the filling of transportation documents taking into account transit through the Republic of Belarus;
  • we will coordinate with the ILO the conditions of “customs clearance”/“customs” of the Ukrainian supply, we will organize the issue through the EDC;
  • we will disassemble the collection at the arrival warehouse, and we will do the “door” delivery.

Transportation of project oversized

We will help customers deliver Ukrainian or Russian project oversized cargo, heavy equipment (equipment, agricultural and construction equipment), long units and structures, including pipes and metal frames, trusses.

We organize design automobile, air and multimodal transportations: railway + auto, sea + auto, sea + railway.

  • think over and calculate transportation options, develop a project, plan transportation combinations;
  • we will coordinate logistics, security measures, rent/charter rolling stock;
  • get the necessary permissions, execute transport documents;
  • we will control the delivery time.

Shipping cost to Ukraine

To calculate the cost of international shipping from/to Ukraine, delivery documents and information on goods are needed:

  • contract or information about the conditions of shipment;
  • specification, invoice; packing list;
  • loading address, address of the point of unloading of the item;
  • product information: description, physical characteristics, special requirements for the conditions of placement, transportation.

For calculating delivery of goods from Ukraine , please fill out the application on the page. Or ask the manager another question:

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