Delivery of goods from Korea

Alexander Global Logistics company organizes delivery from Korea to Russia via St. Petersburg, Novorossiysk, Vladivostok in a period of 20-60 days. Cargo delivery from Korea is carried out by sea, by rail (from Vladivostok), by air to Pulkovo, Sheremetyevo and other international airports of the Russian Federation. Shipping by containers (LCL / FCL), cargo is organized using proven logistics schemes.

Delivery from South Korea is organized from the ports of Busan, Gwangyang, Incheon with the services ALIANCA, APL, COSCO, CSAV NORASIA, CMA CGM, HANJIN, HAPAG-LLOYD, MAERSK, K LINE, ZIM , NYK and other sea lines. Our company has developed logistics for the transportation from South Korea of ​​computer equipment, electronics, household appliances, video and audio equipment, optical instruments, products of the organic and inorganic chemical industry (household and industrial chemicals), products from ferrous and non-ferrous metals, and special equipment (road, construction, agricultural) etc.

Our company, when transporting goods from Korea to Russia, takes on the solution of bureaucratic, organizational problems, provides qualified information support. The transportation of goods from Korea with us is accuracy in the formation of parties, including groupage shipments, accurate loading / unloading, a complex of intra-port forwarding, turnkey customs clearance.

Cargo delivery from South Korea to Moscow and St. Petersburg

We arrange cargo delivery from South Korea to Moscow by air in 2 – 5 days, by sea – through Novorossiysk, St. Petersburg or Vladivostok – in 25 – 40 days. Delivery of cargo from Korea to Moscow by air takes up to 5 days, including transportation from the sender’s warehouse to the terminal within 1 to 3 days, customs clearance in Russia – 1 day after the filing of the customs declaration.

We organize urgent delivery of goods from Korea to St. Petersburg in 2 – 5 days upon arrival in Pulkovo. The use of air transport is relevant for the transportation of perishable products, food, medicine, special equipment and components, valuable goods.

For non-urgent delivery of goods from Korea to Moscow, St. Petersburg and the regions, a multimodal scheme is used: shipping by sea, followed by reloading by road or rail (when sending 2 and more containers). The logistics of cargo transportation to Vladivostok with loading the container onto the railroad and delivering along the Trans-Siberian Railway in 7-14 days were worked out (when sending an even number of containers, there is no need to wait for a couple at the stations along the route and the cargo reaches Moscow in 7-10 days).

Container shipping from Korea

Transportation of containers from Korea is the best way to deliver building materials, machinery, equipment, industrial, household goods. We provide the required type of container – 20 ’, 30’, 40 ’, 45’ GP / DC, HC / HQ, OT, FR, RC – from the drain of the sea line within 1 to 7 days from the date of application. Specialized containers can be delivered from remote ports.

Container shipping from Korea to Russia includes packaging and placement of materials on pallets, packaging, crate, labeling, paperwork – bills of lading, packing lists, port forwarding (tally work, involving stevedores , surveyors, adjusters). The container delivery time from Korea is 20-40 days. Transportation in Russia to the EAEU countries is carried out by road or rail.

Delivery of cargoes from Korea (LCL) is carried out by us for shipments of lots weighing from 100 kg. Paying rent for a part of the container’s capacity can significantly save on payment for logistics, but it increases the delivery time by 1-3 days for the consolidation of goods (including the design of packing lists, control of re-sorting). Groupage cargo from South Korea is collected at the terminal by the machines of our partners, it is fixed in accordance with technical standards.

Shipping from South Korea to Russia

Transit delivery time from Korea by sea from Busan, Incheon, Pohang Jinhe, Gwangyang, Mokpo, Ulsna to Novorossiysk 28 – 30 days, to St. Petersburg / Ust-Luga – up to 41 days, to Vladivostok – 5 – 7 days. Sea transportation from Korea to Nakhodka, Bronka outport (Big port of St. Petersburg) is also possible. Customs clearance of goods arrived takes no more than 1 – 2 days from the date of submission of the customs declaration.

Sea transportation of goods from Korea is carried out as part of multimodal (mixed) delivery with a total arrival time:

  • 20 – 25 days by sea to Vladivostok and further to the consignee’s warehouse in Russia, Kazakhstan, Belarus, Kyrgyzstan, Armenia by rail road and road;
  • 40 – 45 days – to Novorossiysk by sea, then to the recipient by train or by road;
  • 55 – 60 days to St. Petersburg, Ust-Luga and further by rail or by trucks as part of a consolidated (LTL) cargo or a separate truck (FTL).

Sea freight from Korea is organized by us as a cheap, reliable way to supply clothing, industrial equipment, construction materials, Korean special equipment, components for it. Special containers (refrigerated, ventilated, for liquid cargo) allow you to transport perishable goods and cargo that require special transport conditions.

Air delivery from Korea

Air cargo delivery from Korea takes up to 5 days (express delivery – no more than 1 – 2 days). Goods are consolidated directly at the warehouse at Incheon Airport, Gimpo, from where the next cargo or passenger flight will be. Our experts will prepare documents for shipment (export) in advance.

Delivery of cargo from Korea is the best option for the fast transportation of small consignments of goods, materials, medicines, spare parts and accessories. We organize air freight from Korea to transport oversized, heavy cargo on cargo flights. Our experts will charter the aircraft corresponding to the cargo, draw up documents, arrange loading.

Customs clearance of cargo from Korea is also carried out at arrival airports in Russia (Pulkovo, Sheremetyevo, regional airports). Our experts will take part in all operations on customs clearance of goods from South Korea, including customs clearance – inspection, inspection, survey. Customs clearance is possible on the contract of a broker (representative) or client, including at prices lower than checkpoints.

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