Delivery of goods from Estonia

Cargo delivery from Estonia to Russia is carried out by the Alexander Global Logistic logistics company within 3-14 days by sea, by road and rail, by air. For delivery from Estonia to Russia, our company offers full support for the shipment of goods with the delivery of transport / container within 1 – 7 days, customs clearance of goods for 1 – 2 days.
Logistics for the transportation of general, groupage, oversized and project cargo of any complexity, including the development of multimodal routes, has been developed. Transportation from Estonia to Russia is carried out from the consolidation warehouses of Tallinn. Delivery of goods from Estonia to Russia takes place with customs clearance at the posts of the Baltic, St. Petersburg, Kingisepp, Pskov customs, through the Central EDC within 1 to 2 days from the submission of the customs declaration.

Timing, type of cargo determine the optimal logistics scheme:

  • by plane – 3-5 days (Tallinn);
  • by motor transport – 2 – 3 days (via MAPP Narva, Koiduly, Kunichna Gory, Luhamaa, Ivangoroda, Shumilkino);
  • by sea (feeder vessels / ferry) – 2 – 14 days (Tallinn / Muuga / Kunda / Sillamae – St. Petersburg / Ust-Luga);
  • by rail (calculated individually).

Delivery of goods from Estonia to St. Petersburg

Fast delivery from Estonia to St. Petersburg is carried out by road for up to 2 days. Logistics of transportations worked out:

  • products of the woodworking, metallurgical, chemical, textile industries;
  • electrical, communication, optical equipment;
  • goods for athletes, hunters, fishers, children’s toys, clothes, shoes.

We carry out regular transport from Estonia from Tallinn (chemical products, fertilizers, plastics), Tartu (metal products, textiles), Narva (slates).

Container shipping from Estonia

For container transportation from Estonia to the destination, the corresponding containers are 20 ’, 40’ DV, HC, DC, GP, OT. Delivery by sea takes two days, sea ferry transportation from Tallinn to the port of St. Petersburg takes 24 hours. Containers from Estonia can deliver dangerous, oversized, bulk cargo.

A multimodal cargo transportation scheme has been worked out, including transshipment from sea (feeder) vessels and ferries to road transport. For consolidated cargoes, consolidation warehouses are offered inside the port terminals (three days are allotted for a standard 20 ’container).

Transportation of groupage cargo (LTL / LCL) from Estonia is carried out for batches of 100 kg or more, the containers are returned to the owner of our company. We provide a wide range of logistics services, customs clearance, certification for groupage cargo from Estonia.

Oversized transport from Estonia

Oversized transportation in Estonia is carried out taking into account the requirements of the European Union. During transportation, we use non-standard equipment: low loader, modular trailers, universal heavy-duty trailers, specialized containers of OT, FR, HC types. Oversize from Estonia can be delivered in the mode of project transportation – we have developed delivery logistics:

  • production lines;
  • production equipment;
  • plants or parts thereof;
  • heavy objects.

Road transportation of goods from Estonia

Road haulage from Estonia to Russia is carried out on tents, eurotrucks, container platforms, mega-trailers. Transit passage of goods from Europe, the USA, and China through Estonia is possible. International road transport is carried out with constant monitoring of the location of shipments, with the registration of transport, delivery notes, export and import, transit documents.

logisticsDelivery of goods from Estonia