Delivery from Sweden

Alexander Global Logistics company organizes the delivery of goods from Sweden to Russia by road, sea and air, by rail . We offer proven routes for the delivery of goods from Sweden to St. Petersburg and Moscow in 4-12, in the regions – 6-16 calendar days.

We carry out regular transportation from Sweden to Russia of electric, gas equipment, paper, cardboard, oil products, pharmaceuticals and chemical products, food products (including perishable goods), plastic products, products from ferrous and non-ferrous metals. We will help with the transportation of dangerous, oversized, heavy cargo from Sweden, including industrial and medical equipment, special equipment.
Logistics for cargo transportation of general and groupage (LTL / LCL) cargoes, hazardous materials and substances (ADR), oversized, heavy objects from Sweden to Moscow, St. Petersburg and other regions has been developed. The company’s specialists have experience in organizing project cargo transportation with the delivery of oversized goods from Sweden by sea, by rail and by road.

Container shipping from Sweden

The following types of containers are provided for sending:

  • standard (DC, HC) – for most types of products that do not require special temperature, humidity, dimensional; 
  • special (TC, OT, Platform, HT, HQ) – for equipment, bulk, bulk, gaseous, long loads ;
  • refrigerated (RC) – for food products, including fish and seafood, some pharmaceutical and chemical products.

Transportation of a container from Sweden is possible by road – at the container site, by sea – by feeder ships to St. Petersburg, Ust-Luga or the ports of Finland/Baltic states, followed by shipment to Russia by land.

Sending a container from Sweden by sea is carried out from the ports of Stockholm, Gothenburg, Malmo. Containers are transported from Sweden by road through Finland. The cargo arrives at the checkpoints Brusnichnoe, Svetogorsk or Torfyanovka. The term of cargo transportation is up to 5 days.

Road transport from Sweden

The cargo is delivered by Euro trucks, isotherms, refrigerators, at container sites, if necessary, an ADR certificate is issued, permission to transport oversized and heavy cargo with the provision of escort vehicles.

The company implements:

  • presentation of vehicles within 3 to 4 days from the receipt of the transportation order;
  • prepare permissions, conduct approvals;
  • initial documentation;
  • EPIT;
  • placement at the temporary storage warehouse, consolidation warehouses.

Car transportation through Sweden, Denmark of goods from other EU countries is possible. Road haulage is carried out by separate cars (with a loading capacity from 1 to 22 tons and with a capacity of 3 – 120 cubic meters), in a mode of combined freight.

LTL / LCL groupage cargoes from Sweden are delivered within 8 to 12 days to Moscow, St. Petersburg. Cargo delivery takes 3 – 5 days, taking into account the receipt of goods at the terminal (at the airport), its registration and dispatch to Russia. The duration of the carriage is affected by the holding of national holidays, congestion of roads and ferries, the region of cargo pickup in Sweden.

Air transportation allows us to deliver fragile and perishable products from Sweden as soon as possible. We deliver direct flights from Stockholm and Gothenburg airports. in Pulkovo and Sheremetyevo. We will provide further freight forwarding and escort across Russia.

Transportation from Sweden by sea

We organize the delivery of goods by sea from Sweden. Delivery is made from the ports of Stockholm, Gothenburg, Malmo. We will provide port forwarding in Sweden and Russia. Delivery time is from 14 to 17 days. The cargo will arrive at the port of St. Petersburg/Ust-Luga.

Delivery by ferry service is possible. The ferry arrives in St. Petersburg or in the ports of Tallinn and Klaipeda. From there, the cargo will be delivered to Russia by road or rail. Customs clearance is carried out at the Kingisepp and Baltic Customs.

Customs clearance of goods from Sweden

We will help with the preparation of the necessary list of documents for the customs authority:

  • invoice (invoice);
  • customs declaration;
  • contract with the necessary applications;
  • certificates of the country of manufacturer;
  • certificates of phytosanitary and veterinary sanitary control;
  • payment order to pay customs duty;
  • cargo documents (data sheet, operating instructions, etc.);
  • insurance contract (if necessary);
  • transport documents;
  • prepaid documents (if necessary).

A customs clearance from Sweden takes 1 – 2 days after submission of documents and is possible at prices lower than passing prices (provided that the supporting documents are correctly drawn up).

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