Delivery from Norway

Delivery of goods from Norway

Alexander Global Logistics company arranges delivery from Norway to Russia by road, air and sea. We offer well-developed logistics schemes aimed at reducing customer costs, delivery time, customs clearance. We carry out cargo consolidation, forwarding, organize temporary storage, document support (execution on both sides of the border).

Transportation from Norway to Russia takes 10 to 16 calendar days for groupage cargo and 5 to 7 workers when dispatched by separate machine. Cargo from Norway is delivered by sea in 5 – 6 days (transit time). For groupage cargoes, taking into account consolidation in the port, the total delivery time by sea (by ferry) can reach 10-14 days to St. Petersburg.

Container shipping from Norway

Containers from Norway are dispatched by ships from the ports: Moss, Oslo, Bergen, Narvik, Bergen, Fredrikstad. Delivered to St. Petersburg, Ust-Luga. The option of unloading in the ports of Finland and the Baltic countries, from where containers are transported to the Russian Federation by road, is possible. The container shipping route from Norway is formed on the basis of:

  • customer requirements regarding delivery times;
  • type of cargo, volume, quantity (perishable goods are delivered as soon as possible);
  • possible risks: transport, weather conditions.

Containers from Norway are designed in accordance with applicable laws. Loaded in compliance with technological requirements (placement, fixation of containers on the deck of ships, trawls, platforms). The customer is guaranteed the efficient performance of work, the safety of goods.

Containers of various sizes are available for transportation: 20, 30, 40 and 45 feet. Their type is selected in accordance with the international standard ISO 668 and GOST 18477. For transportation use:

  • 30 t (types 1A, 1AA);
  • 25 t (types 1B, 1BB);
  • 20 t (types 1C, 1CC);
  • 10 t (type 1D).

Foodstuffs, plants, clothes, bulk materials, machinery, equipment are transported in standard and high-capacity containers of HC (HQ). We organize the shipment of oversized, heavy, liquid cargo from Norway with a guarantee of safety.

Delivery of cargoes from Norway

Groupage cargoes from Norway are delivered to the Russian Federation in containers of type GP. The formation of parties is carried out by qualified specialists, passes additional control. This is a guarantee of the safety of cargo and its delivery to the port of destination without re-grading and violation of pallet places, without mixing batches from different senders.

Delivery of groupage cargo from Norway allows you to save on transportation – paying only part of the space in the container, and not for its full rent. Groupage cargoes are formed within 3-4 days (several senders are collected), delivered by sea, by road.

Delivery of goods from Norway by sea

After the party is formed, the containers are delivered to the ports: Ramsund, Oslo, Bergen, Narvik, Moss, Fredrikstad. Transportation within the country takes up to 72 hours. Then it is loaded onto ferries, container ships to St. Petersburg or the ports of the Baltic countries, Finland, Poland, Germany. In winter, icebreaking vessels are used.

Cargo transportation from Norway in large batches (for several containers) is carried out using Shot Sea technology with the provision of 20-, 40-, 45-foot containers of types OT, Platform, HT, HQ, GP . Ferries depart from Norway to Kiel (Germany) and then to Lübeck, Strömstad (Sweden) and then to Stockholm – from where the ferry to St. Petersburg. The total delivery time by ferry through Germany is 80 – 90 hours, through Sweden – about 40.

Air cargo from Norway

Air transportation from Norway to Russia is the fastest delivery method: up to 4 days. This is an opportunity to send small-sized cargoes in a short time: things, equipment, spare parts, perishable products, valuable goods. Air transportation from Norway to Russia is carried out to Pulkovo, Sheremetyevo and other Russian airports on request.

Air delivery from Norway takes 3 – 5 days, taking into account the consolidation and storage of goods at the terminals at the airport. Customs clearance of delivered goods takes no more than a day. Air delivery is carried out from the airports of Oslo, Stavanger, Trondheim, Bergen, Sandefjord.

Transportation from Norway by road

In the Russian Federation, goods are imported through multilateral automobile checkpoints (MAPP): Torfyanovka, Svetogorsk, Brusnichnoe with passage through the territories of Sweden and Finland. For the organization of international road freight transport from Norway are provided:

  • vans with a loading capacity of 3-5 tons;
  • container transport platforms;
  • eurotrucks.

Trucking from Norway is organized according to weather conditions.

Transportation of oversized cargo from Norway

Loading, unloading, transportation of heavy, oversized cargo is organized in accordance with industry technological standards. The company’s specialists are developing a scheme of loading and unloading, fastening facilities in transport. For transportation of oversized cargo from Norway, appropriate transport is provided – low loader semi-trailers, trailers. Their low height provides stability, simplifies loading and unloading.

Oversized shipments from Norway by sea are carried out on ro-ro vessels / ferries (for special equipment), in open top containers (OT) and platform containers (FT), increased capacity (HQ / HC), type platform. Delivery of equipment from Norway, project transportation is planned with the placement of goods in the hold of the vessel (to protect against wind, moisture) or containers.

Customs clearance of goods from Norway

Customs clearance from Norway by our experts will speed up the process, reduce customer costs, takes no more than 1 – 2 days from the moment of filing the customs declaration and accompanying documents. Our help with customs clearance from Norway will save you from inaccuracies and errors, reduce the cost of paying duties (provided by the correct preparation of supporting documentation).

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