Delivery from Lithuania

Alexander Global Logistic company organizes the delivery of goods from Lithuania to Russia with a full cycle of customs, logistics services in a period of 2 to 13 days (taking into account the time of consolidation). Cargo delivery from Lithuania to any category is carried out by air, rail, road, sea (ferry) lines, in mixed (multimodal) communication – in the mode of consolidated (LCL / LTL / cargo) cargo, a separate machine or container (FTL / FCL).
We carry out regular trucking from Lithuania by road in the following areas: Lithuania – Latvia / Estonia – Russia, Lithuania – Belarus – Russia. Cargo transportation from Lithuania to Russia passes through the customs posts of the Leningrad region and St. Petersburg, Bryansk and Smolensk regions. Customs clearance is carried out at the t / p of import, CED.

Transit time of cargo transportation from Lithuania to Russia (days):

  • by road – 2 – 8 (checkpoints of Ivangorod, Shumilkino, Ludonok);
  • by air – 2 – 5 (with departure from Vilnius / Palanga and arrival in St. Petersburg / MSC);
  • by sea – no more than 14 (from Klaipeda, taking into account intra-port forwarding and container delivery).

Cargo delivery from Lithuania to St. Petersburg

Regular transportation of shipments from the consolidation warehouse takes place every 2 to 4 days. The following cargoes are being delivered from Lithuania to St. Petersburg:

  • industrial, commercial, industrial equipment;
  • climate, heating systems;
  • chemical products;
  • bulk building materials;
  • wood and wood products;
  • agricultural products;
  • shoes, clothes, souvenirs, haberdashery.

Upon delivery from Lithuania to St. Petersburg, the goods are cleared at the St. Petersburg, Baltic, Kingisepp customs in 1 – 2 days. For transportation, standard (20/40 DC, 40 NS), special (20/40 OT, FR, TC) containers, tanks, refrigerators are used.

The company Alexander Global Logistic has worked out the logistics of cargo transportation from Lithuania to St. Petersburg of oversized and heavy objects, provides project transportation, including transit cargo from Europe, the USA, and China.

Transportation of goods from Lithuania to Moscow

Delivery of cargo from Lithuania to Moscow is carried out from a consolidation warehouse in Riga / Klaipeda via Belarus by road or rail, the port of St. Petersburg is by sea (feeders, ferries).

Delivery from Lithuania to Moscow of goods with a short shelf life, urgent departures is carried out by air – passenger or cargo flights. Groupage cargo (cargo) from Lithuania to Moscow is delivered a week, the average price (including customs clearance, fees) is 2 euro / kg.

Container delivery from Lithuania

Containers from Lithuania are dispatched using a multimodal transport scheme with the supply of a container from the drain line for 1 – 7 days. We carry out container transportation from Lithuania of various types of cargo, including hazardous, heavy, general / combined, bulk, oversized, refrigerated, project.

When calculating the transportation price, the following are taken into account:

  • departure / destination addresses;
  • gross / net;
  • specification / product code (FEA).

Delivery of cargoes from Lithuania from 100 kg in weight is carried out. Express delivery – 6 days (including customs clearance).

Transportation of oversized cargo from Lithuania

For the transportation of oversized cargo from Lithuania to Russia, modular trailers, low loaders, universal high-capacity trailers, containers of types FR and OT are used. Oversized transportation is carried out by us:

  • with mandatory approval of the route sheet;
  • after registration of the transportation permit, permits, customs documents;
  • after developing methods of securing and fixing the cargo in transport, in the container;
  • involving loading and unloading machinery.

Oversized transportations are carried out by sea to the port of St. Petersburg or by road, by rail. For transportation, containers of any kind (open / closed top, increased capacity / carrying capacity), low loaders semi-trailers, platforms can be served.

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