Delivery from Denmark

Alexander Global Logistics company organizes the delivery from Denmark to Russia of combined, general, heavy and oversized, dangerous goods. A full range of logistics services is provided, customs clearance in St. Petersburg at the posts of Baltic, St. Petersburg, Pulkovo customs within 1 – 2 days from the moment of arrival of the goods in Russia.

Our company delivers:

  • by air with the shipment from any international airport in Denmark to Moscow/St. Petersburg;
  • by road – through Germany, Poland, the Baltic countries or Belarus, or via Sweden and Finland;
  • by sea – upon arrival in the Russian Federation in St. Petersburg, Ust-Luga and release at the Baltic, Kingisepp customs.

We worked out logistics for the transportation of equipment (medical, industrial, agricultural), electronics and household appliances, chemical and pharmaceutical products, optics, packaging materials, perfumes from Denmark to Russia. Duration of transportation from Denmark to Russia:

The cost of delivery of goods from Denmark to Moscow, St. Petersburg and the regions is calculated individually taking into account the volume and weight of the shipment, type of cargo, type of transport, route. Project and oversized cargoes are delivered by rail, road or sea – by ferry, ro-ro vessels and using containers of increased carrying capacity (20-, 40-, 45-foot types OT, HC, HQ).

Container shipping from Denmark

Alexander Global Logistics provides a range of services for delivering empty containers from wastewater from sea lines and terminals to the sender’s warehouse (at the port terminal of Copenhagen, Aarhus, Fredericia, Korser). Containers are convenient for multimodal delivery schemes, can be used to transport a wide range of goods, including liquid (bulk), heavy, combined (LCL).

Our company provides containers: universal/high-capacity and specialized (tanks / Open Top / Flat Rack/refrigerated). The delivery time for the container from the drain is 2 – 5 days from the date of application.

Delivery of groupage cargo from Denmark

Having your own consolidation warehouses, regular shipments allow you to quickly form the transportation of small quantities of goods – from several hundred kilograms. The consolidation time in departure warehouses is no more than 3-4 days from placing an order. Groupage goods are sent in containers (LCL) and by road (LTL). For urgent cargo, we offer cargo transportation to St. Petersburg or Moscow within a period of 3 to 4 days, followed by transportation by road in Russia.

The company provides a full range of logistics support for cargo according to international standards:

  • route approval;
  • loading/unloading;
  • certification, insurance, customs support;
  • monitoring;
  • compliance with storage conditions, delivery times.

Air cargo from Denmark to Russia is suitable for urgent/valuable/small/perishable shipments. We serve regular flights, the term of receipt does not exceed 5 days. Optimal shortest flight route: Copenhagen – Moscow. Air freight from Denmark consists of weight/volume, speed/safety. It is forbidden to send bulk/liquid/explosive substances.

Customs clearance from Denmark is carried out by our specialists at customs posts in St. Petersburg, Moscow or Central Customs Office.

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