Delivery from Czech Republic

Alexander Global Logistics company arranges delivery from the Czech Republic to Russia in 10 – 13 days by road and 3 – 5 days – by air. We provide the entire turnkey delivery process from the Czech Republic from choosing the starting point of the route, arriving at the border (with passing all customs procedures) to unloading at the destination.
Our company provides regular transportation from the Czech Republic to Russia of the following cargoes:

  • industrial, construction, agricultural equipment, machine tools, including oversized and heavy (including project cargo);
  • electric machines, electric motors, electrical equipment, including current transformers, electrical panels, circuit breakers, circuit breakers, starters, relays, etc. d .;
  • television and sound reproducing equipment;
  • plastic products, toys, cable channels, trays, cases for household and industrial equipment;
  • pharmaceuticals and food;
  • goods from ferrous and non-ferrous metals, building elements, structures, farms;
  • rubber and rubber;
  • products of light industry – clothing, shoes, textiles, furniture.

Cargo transportation from the Czech Republic to Russia is carried out as part of combined shipments (LTL / LCL) – within 13 – 17 days from the moment of filing the application by road and cargo for 3 – 5 days by air. It is possible to send the whole machine, including small vehicles (3 – 5 tons and 16 – 20 cubic meters).

Container shipping from the Czech Republic

For transportation, the appropriate container types are provided: standard and special, 20- and 40-foot, as well as tents and container platforms (platforms). For the bulk of the goods we offer shipping in standard 20 and 40 foot containers. If necessary, for loading within 3 – 7 days, specialized ones are served – High Cube, Flat Rack, Tank Container, Open Top, Platform.

Delivery by containers from the Czech Republic provides:

  • protection against unauthorized access to goods;
  • safety from damage during transshipment at transshipment points, terminals, and in the storage of responsible and temporary (TSW) storage; 
  • reduce packaging and labeling costs.  

Delivery of cargoes from the Czech Republic

Alexander Global Logistics company carries out regular flights for the transportation of groupage (LTL / LCL / cargo) cargo from the Czech Republic to Russia – to Moscow, St. Petersburg and the regions. Upon delivery of groupage cargoes, our specialists carry out additional work: to consolidate goods at the terminal in Prague, to arrange packing lists, to place and package goods on pallets.

Standard (GP / DC) 20 ’and 40’ containers are provided for sending groupage cargo. Cargo transportation in the Russian Federation – by sea, by road, by air or by rail, in a mixed (multimodal) message.

Sea transportation from the Czech Republic is carried out in transit through the territory of Poland. The parties are assembled in the ports of Gdansk, Gdynia and Szczecin with the subsequent arrival in Russia to St. Petersburg or Ust-Luga (alternative is Kotka, Baltic ports). Transit transit time is 10-14 days.

We will arrange the transportation of bulk and liquid cargo by rail. For the transportation of goods from the Czech Republic by rail, various types of wagons, containers and platforms are provided. Rail logistics of transportation of chemical and building materials, metal products, heavy and oversized special equipment was developed.
Transportation of goods by road from the Czech Republic takes 10 to 13 days to Moscow, 9 to 12 to St. Petersburg. The route passes through Poland, Belarus and the Baltic countries. Loading – in Prague, Pilsen, Opava, Brno, Teplice, Pardubice, Ostrava.

Air transportation is advisable for tight delivery times, for fragile and valuable goods: precision equipment, optics, medicines. Delivery is made by direct flights from the airports of Prague, Brno and Pardubice. Arrival in St. Petersburg / Moscow – from 2 days.

Oversized cargo transportation from the Czech Republic

We carry out the transportation of oversized cargo from the Czech Republic to Russia with customs clearance in St. Petersburg and Central EDC. Project transportation is possible as part of convoys and railway trains, by sea. Routes pass through Belarus, Poland. Trawls, low loaders and semi-trailers are provided to the place of loading (at the supplier’s warehouse) within 3 to 7 days. Special types of containers are used: HT, FR, OT, HC.

We deliver the following types of oversized goods from the Czech Republic:

  • special equipment – excavators, loaders, construction, road equipment;
  • industrial and manufacturing, medical equipment;
  • pipes, large metal structures.

We deliver oversized goods to the EAEU countries – Kazakhstan, Armenia, Kyrgyzstan – through the territory of Russia.

Customs clearance of goods from the Czech Republic

Our company performs a range of works on the delivery and customs clearance of goods from the Czech Republic. Customs clearance from the Czech Republic includes:

  • delivery of goods to the place of customs control;
  • clearance of customs transit (if necessary), release for free circulation;
  • placements in temporary storage warehouses (TSW);
  • preparation of the necessary documents – transport, waybills, commercial, including their translation and legalization (confirmation of information, eligibility of signatures) in the territory EAEU;
  • calculation of customs payments and preparation of a declaration of customs value;
  • interaction with customs officers;
  • selection of product codes according to the FEA.

To pass the customs control procedure and timely release of goods, we will help with the collection and preparation of documents for customs documents:

  • constituent;
  • confirming the basis for the importation of goods – contract (with attachments), transport agreement;
  • business – price lists, invoices, insurance and transportation invoices;
  • bank – payment orders confirming payment of the customs duty;
  • accompanying – packing lists, specifications (if necessary);
  • transport – CMR, railway bills of lading, bills of lading;
  • technical documentation – passports, technical specifications and other documents confirming the classification of goods, assembly schemes – for unassembled goods imported;
  • permissions – certificates, declarations of conformity and licenses.
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