Delivery from Austria

Alexander Global Logistics, a transport company, provides turnkey delivery of goods from Austria to Russia – with customs clearance, certification of arrived products, transportation to the recipient’s warehouse – for 10 – 16 calendar days . Delivery from Austria to Russia is possible for groupage and general cargo with import through customs posts of St. Petersburg and Leningrad Oblast, Moscow, Pskov, Smolensk, Bryansk regions. We ship dangerous, bulk, excise, design, oversized and heavy cargo.

Logistics of cargo transportation from Austria to Russia was developed along the routes:

  • air – Vienna – Moscow (Domodedovo, Sheremetyevo), St. Petersburg (Pulkovo);
  • auto – transit through Vienna – Warsaw – Smolensk – Moscow or Vienna – Riga/Vilnius – Moscow.

Delivery from Austria to Moscow and St. Petersburg of special machinery, equipment, components for them, metals, consumer goods, shoes, chemical products, household appliances, electronics, household goods takes 2 – 5 days for air transport and 7 – 16 days for vehicles, given the closure of weekend travel on Austrian territory.

Cargo transportation from Austria to Moscow, St. Petersburg (and further to any other city in Russia) is organized by container ships, refrigerators, Euro trucks, tents, isothermal trucks in FTL/LTL format under EXW, FCA, CPT, DAP and other Incoterms conditions. Customs clearance of arriving goods is stamped by a broker or client.

Container shipping from Austria

Containers from Austria for 20/40 tons are used in a multimodal (mixed) transportation scheme. We provide containers for:

  • heavy and oversized equipment, building elements and structures – types OT, HT, HC, Platform, Flat Rack and Flat Rack Collapsible (with a lifting capacity of 27 and 40 tons);
  • liquids, including hazardous (ADR) cargoes – TC, flexi tanks;
  • groupage cargo – 20- and 40-foot GP.

Container transportation Austria – Russia is carried out by road – under an awning and on container platforms, by sea (through the ports of Germany, Italy with import to Ust-Luga, St. Petersburg, Novorossiysk).

Groupage cargo is delivered through the consolidation warehouses of our company and partners in Vienna, Hamburg, allowing you to form small batches of goods with regular shipment to Russia. The delay in warehouses is no more than 4 days. Groupage cargoes are sent in LCL (LTL – Eurotruck) mode and arrive at the client no later than two weeks from the moment of dispatch.

Delivery of goods by road through Poland and Belarus. An exact calculation of the cost of trucking from Austria is calculated based on:

  • volume, weight of cargo;
  • type of goods and transport regime requirements;
  • delivery method;
  • route – its length and direction.

When calculating air freight from Austria, the safety requirements, speed, volume / weight of departure are additionally taken into account. Air freight – from Vienna to Moscow and St. Petersburg, delivery time – 3 – 5 days, taking into account consolidation.

Railway cargo from Russia to Austria is formed in wagons, hoppers, refrigerators, tanks, can be sent in containers, on platforms. The choice depends on the category of departure and the type of cargo. The route passes through Austria, the Czech Republic, Poland, Belarus.

Customs clearance of goods from Austria

The customs clearance from Austria is carried out at the posts of Moscow, St. Petersburg, in central EDCs. Employees of the company carry out cargo escort: customs clearance, obtaining quality certificates, insurance, making payments, foreign trade activities. Customs clearance of goods takes 1 – 2 days from the date of submission of the customs declaration.

Our company has developed import from Austria into Russia of industrial, chemical equipment, computer and medical equipment, and chemical products.

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