Customs clearance

The international logistics operator Alexander Global Logistics organizes customs clearance of goods, goods, vehicles transported across the border of the Russian Federation. We declare imported / exported goods deliveries in customs:

  • Moscow Region;
  • Central excise;
  • Sheremetyevo (Moscow Aviation);
  • St. Petersburg;
  • Pulkovo;
  • Novorossiysk;
  • Vladivostok;
  • Kaliningrad.

We confirm the correct EAEC fuel code. We coordinate the issue at the declared cost (1 method). We prove the value of imported goods.


Customs clearance services

We organize “customs clearance” of cargo from Europe, Asia, Africa, America :

  • in conjunction with international shipping;
  • complete with terminal forwarding;
  • as a standalone service.

We place foreign and Russian products under the selected procedures:

  • import (release for free circulation);
  • temporary import / export (including the registration of ATA Carnet);
  • re-export / re-import;
  • processing on / off the customs territory;
  • duty free shop;
  • other special procedures.

Fill out the PIT forms. We organize the movement of goods according to the procedure of customs transit through the territory of the Russian Federation:

  • provide transport;
  • issue a transit declaration;
  • we will control the timely arrival of the shipment to the destination.

Customs broker

We provide customs broker services in Russia:

  • we advise on the features of import, export of specific products;
  • we inform about the existence of prohibitions, restrictions, tariff and non-tariff measures;
  • we solve certification issues, mandatory product labeling;
  • we explain how to pass veterinary, phytosanitary, quarantine control during import, export;
  • we check documents for DT – completeness, compliance with the rules for filling out / filling in, conformity / nondisjunction of the declared data;
  • we determine, agree, prove the correct EAEC code of TNVED;
  • check for risks, cost indicators, calculate the amount of payments sufficient for quick release;
  • we successfully defend the rights of the declarant in customs, in court;
  • we confirm the decline in exports outside the Russian Federation;
  • we advise on the refund of VAT upon export.

Delivery and customs clearance of goods

We organize international delivery and customs clearance of national teams , general, oversized design weights . Freight forwarding at actual locations:

  • in Moscow, Sheremetyevo;
  • St. Petersburg;
  • Vladivostok;
  • Novorossiysk;
  • Kaliningrad.

Quickly solve problems. We carry out preliminary inspection, weighing, recounting of delivery. We present the goods for inspection, sampling, control.

With timely handling, we provide a quick release of a commercial batch with a predictable result.

We declare various types of products, including excise:

  • industrial and industrial equipment;
  • professional, household appliances;
  • electronics, means of receiving and transmitting a signal;
  • devices for recording, storing information,
  • wheeled and tracked vehicles, vehicles, their parts;
  • manned, unmanned aerial vehicles;
  • commodities;
  • food;
  • live animals, plants, seeds;
  • tobacco;
  • alcohol.

Request advice on customs clearance of goods through the online application form. Or ask the manager another convenient way:

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