Cargo from Tajikistan

Alexander Global Logistics company organizes turnkey delivery of commercial goods to Tajikistan and vice versa up to 11 – 16 calendar days. We organize international freight transportation from Moscow, St. Petersburg and the regions for recipients in Dushanbe, Khujand, Kulyab, Kurgan-Tube, Istaravshan, Tursunzade, Kanibadam:

  • on the terms terminal-terminal, door-terminal, door-to-door;
  • under a single (end-to-end) transport agreement;
  • with customs clearance in the Russian Federation, if necessary, on both sides of the border.

We advise Russian exporters on the issues of documenting the delivery, export of certain types of goods, and their registration at the Federal Registration Service.

We regularly carry out SPb / MSC – Dushanbe routes, organize international transportation to Tajikistan without delays, unforeseen expenses.

Commercial shipping to Tajikistan

We will help to ship the goods to any part of Tajikistan, including in remote areas and mountainous areas. Transportation of goods in the mountainous regions within the country is difficult, but we successfully solve the delivery problem.

We organize road transportation of goods from Russia to Tajikistan. For the transportation of various product groups. We provide the necessary type of transport and carrying capacity:

  • small vans with a carrying capacity of 1.5 – 5 tons and a capacity of up to 16 – 20 “cubic meters”;
  • cargo trailers 10 – 20 tons per 120 “cubes” and the ability to accommodate standard euro pallets;
  • tipper trailers;
  • megatrailers (20 – 24 tons, 86 – 100 cubic meters of useful volume);
  • truck tractors and platforms for containers, awnings;
  • heat booths, refrigerators for heat-sensitive goods;
  • low loader and long trawls, platforms for placing oversized goods.

We will help insure a product supply. We organize escort and security of cars. We issue the necessary permits, documents for transportation, for customs and border control.

We transport perishable goods, foodstuffs, medicines and medicines by refrigerators.

Delivery of goods in Dushanbe

We regularly carry out groupage transportation of goods to Dushanbe from Moscow:

  • we consolidate the cargo in the partner warehouse;
  • we provide road transport for transportation;
  • we load, secure the goods, fill out the shipping documents;
  • we provide additional logistics and related services: packaging, strapping, labeling, shipping insurance;
  • we provide customs services – we arrange export, advise on related issues of foreign economic activity;
  • we inform the recipients, their representatives about the arrival of the car in the customs zone;
  • we organize the assistance of a logistics operator in the Tajik territory.

We monitor all stages of delivery, control performers. We guarantee compliance with the stated delivery time, the safety of goods in transit and during storage.

Transportation of project oversized

We professionally organize the delivery of project oversized equipment, heavy machinery (agricultural, construction, road), long structures to customers from Dushanbe and other cities.

We organize project transportation by road, rail, plane:

  • we will think over and calculate transportation options, develop a project, coordinate transport combinations;
  • we will coordinate logistics and routes, security measures, we will select rolling stock;
  • we will receive permits for transportation, fill out the shipping documents;
  • we will control the delivery time.

Rail transport to Tajikistan

We will help to send Russian goods to Dushanbe, other cities by rail:

  • in carloads;
  • in tanks;
  • in containers;
  • on open platforms.

We deliver general and groupage cargo from Tajikistan to Moscow, St. Petersburg. To calculate the cost of international delivery, you need the delivery information:

  • contract shipping information;
  • specification, proforma, packing;
  • loading warehouse address, unloading address;
  • description, physical characteristics of the goods being shipped, additional requirements for transportation conditions.

To calculate the delivery of goods to Tajikistan, please fill out the application. Or contact us in another way:

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