Cargo from Kyrgyzstan

The international logistics operator Alexander Global Logistics organizes the transportation of commercial goods to Kyrgyzstan by road up to 8 – 12 calendar days. We deliver Russian goods to recipients in Bishkek, Osh, Karakol and other cities.
We have been working on the route for a long time, we know the subtleties of organizing and arranging transportation to Kyrgyzstan and vice versa . We deliver goods without delay, unforeseen expenses:

  • correctly fill out and complete the documents for crossing the border, moving through the territory of Kazakhstan;
  • we confidently solve organizational problems with the support of partners in neighboring countries;
  • we quickly create collections, regularly send cars from a warehouse in Moscow.

Customs clearance for the export of goods to Kyrgyzstan, transportation in Kazakhstan is not required.

Delivery to Kyrgyzstan by road

We will arrange the delivery of goods to Kyrgyzstan and back by road for up to 8 days when sending the whole machine and to 9 – 11 days in the mode of cargo (LTL). We transport temperature supplies – perishable goods, food, pharmaceuticals, medicines. We carry out project transportation – in a short time we draw up permits, coordinate routes.

We provide rolling stock for the transportation of various types of goods:

  • small vans with a carrying capacity of up to 6 tons and a capacity of up to 20 cubic meters;
  • booths, tilt trailers and semi-trailers, dump trucks with a loading capacity of 10-20 tons;
  • euro vans, mega with a capacity of up to 120 cubic meters;
  • truck tractors with a platform for containers;
  • isotherms, ref-trailers for products with thermal mode;
  • long meters, platforms and low loader trailers for oversized transportation.

We provide insurance, protection of goods, documentary support of transportation.

Cargo transportation to Bishkek

We regularly carry out groupage shipments to Bishkek from Moscow:

  • we consolidate the shipments, form the cargo lot, pack (palletize) the cargo;
  • we mark, number deliveries at loading, provide packaging (including a hard crate);
  • we arrange insurance, arrange transportation (transport) documents;
  • track the car on the route, inform the customer about arrival;
  • we place the delivered goods in a warehouse in Bishkek, provide 5 days of free storage;
  • we will arrange the transfer of the consignment to the recipient’s door in the regions.

We control performers at all stages of cargo transportation. We guarantee compliance with the stated delivery time, the safety of the goods.

Delivery of project oversized goods to Kyrgyzstan

We organize a turnkey international transportation of project oversized equipment, heavy machinery, machine tools and long structures to customers from Bishkek and other Kyrgyz cities:

  • we will develop the project, think over convenient transportation options, transportation combinations;
  • calculate the route, coordinate logistics, provide security measures;
  • get the necessary permissions, execute transport documents;
  • we will control the time of sending, delivery, help with receiving invoices.  

Rail transportation to Kyrgyzstan

We will help send to Kyrgyzstan by rail:

  • large batches of Russian products;
  • containerized cargo from Europe, America;
  • design oversized, long, heavy construction.

We provide transport, forwarding, customs services to our Kyrgyz partners in the Russian ports of St. Petersburg, Vladivostok, Novorossiysk:

  • we will arrange the transshipment of loaded containers, goods in the port territory or TSW;
  • we will return empty containers to the drain of the sea line;
  • declare the customs transit procedure.  


Cargo delivery from Kyrgyzstan to Russia

We deliver project, general and combined (LTL / LCL) goods from Kyrgyzstan to Moscow, St. Petersburg , other cities of the European part of Russia . To calculate the cost of delivery of goods from Kyrgyzstan, please provide:

  • contract or information about the conditions of shipment;
  • specification, invoice; packing list;
  • address of the place of transfer of goods, as well as the destination;
  • product information: description, physical characteristics, special requirements for the conditions of placement, transportation. 

To calculate the delivery of goods to / from Kyrgyzstan , please fill out the application. Or contact us in another way:

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