Cargo from Armenia

The international logistics operator Alexander Global Logistics organizes international cargo transportation between Russia and Armenia between 8 and 11 days (for groupage cargoes, up to 12 – 14). Logistics of cargo transportation by road to Yerevan, Gyumri, Martuni, Armavir and other regions has been worked out.

  • We deliver Armenian goods to buyers from the Russian Federation.
  • We transport Russian products to Armenian recipients.
  • We advise customers on the documentation of the transaction, delivery.
  • We declare goods for transportation outside the customs territory of the EAEU.

We have been working on the route for a long time:

  • we know the design features;
  • a large selection of vehicles;
  • we quickly create collections;
  • weekly round-trip flights.  

Cargo delivery from Armenia to Russia

We organize road transportation of general and groupage cargoes from Armenia to Russia. We provide, by agreement with the customer, the transport of the desired type:

  • mini vans 1.5 – 5 tons;
  • tilt, rigid, tipper trailers, semi-trailers with a lift of 10 – 20 tons;
  • thermal booths, refrigerated couplings for temperature transport.

We plan logistics taking into account the nature of the cargo, customer priorities:

  • we agree on the shipment details, storage / transportation conditions with the customer and the supplier;
  • feed the rolling stock to the sender’s warehouse;
  • we will accept an LTL batch at a warehouse in Yerevan;
  • perform recounting, weight control of the shipment if necessary;
  • fill out transport documents, arrange customs transit for travel through Georgia;
  • we will send a direct car to the destination, we will accept the national team in a warehouse in Moscow;
  • we organize the “door” distribution of small deliveries.

We deliver goods to Russia from Yerevan, as well as Gyumri, Vanadzor, Kapan, and other cities.

Commodity deliveries from Armenia

We deliver raw materials, foodstuffs and consumer goods:

  • strong alcohol, wine, wine materials
  • soft drinks, juices, mineral water;
  • dried fruits, nuts;
  • dried herbs, spices;
  • confectionery based on fruits, honey, nuts;
  • fresh vegetables, fruits, herbs;
  • pharmaceutical products, essential oils;
  • clothes, shoes, hats;
  • accessories, leather products;
  • household appliances, tools;
  • kaolins, natural stone.

Customs clearance is not required when importing goods from the EAEU partner state.

Cargo delivery to Armenia

We organize regular shipments to Armenia. We export goods manufactured in Russia:

    • grain, cereals;
    • drinks, including alcohol;
    • vegetable oils;
    • honey, chocolate, pastries;
    • meat products;
    • rolled metal, steel structures, pipes;
    • industrial, production equipment;
    • cars, equipment, vehicles;
    • components, tools;
    • consumer goods, rubber and plastic products;
    • toys, children’s products;
    • cosmetic, hygiene products;
    • medications.

General and groupage transportation to Yerevan

We deliver commercial goods to Yerevan from Moscow, St. Petersburg, and other cities of Russia. We provide transport for full load, we help to arrange shipping documents, as well as customs (for traveling outside the EAEU).

We regularly send collections from a warehouse in Moscow:

      • we consolidate the shipments, form the cargo batch;
      • mark, number shipments at loading;
      • we organize document management, insurance, control on the route;
      • upon arrival we accept goods at a partner warehouse in Yerevan, provide 5 days of free storage;
      • we will arrange transportation to the destination in Armenia.

Oversized transport to Armenia

We organize international transportation of project oversized goods, large and heavy equipment, long structures to customers from Yerevan, other cities:

      • develop, coordinate the project;
      • we will provide special vehicles;
      • we will issue permissions, documents for transportation, including via Georgia.

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