Cargo delivery to Mongolia

International logistics operator Alexander Global Logistics organizes freight commercial transportation from Mongolia , counter-delivery of Russian exports. We deliver turnkey international deliveries:

  • on any contract terms;
  • with customs clearance for export, import;
  • under a single contract of transport expedition;
  • using product certification;
  • with a common account – no surcharges or hidden fees – for the whole range of transport and logistics services; 

We organize the delivery of goods to the contract of a customer or broker (reseller). We worked out the logistics of cargo transportation in the direction of Ulan Bator, Darkhan-Uul, Orkhon, Tuva, Khentiy and others.

Доставка грузов из Монголии

Поможем наладить регулярные бесперебойные поставки в Россию монгольской продукции и сырья:

  • шерстяного трикотажа;
  • сувениров из шерсти;
  • валяной обуви;
  • войлока, пряжи;
  • крупных партий минеральной продукции: шпата, лейцита.

Организуем доставку сырьевых грузов, потребительских товаров в Монголию:

  • по железной дороге;
  • автомобильным транспортом;
  • самолетом.


Сборные перевозки из Монголии

Поможем перевезти из Монголии мелкие товарные поставки, сувенирную продукцию в составе сборного груза:

  • консолидируем отправления на складе в Улан-Баторе;
  • отправляем объединенную грузовую партию автотранспортом или по железной дороге;
  • оформляем транспортные документы;
  • помогаем решить вопросы сертификации в России.

Организуем перевозки российского экспорта в МНР из Москвы, Санкт-Петербурга, крупных региональных центров.

Rail freight to Mongolia

We deliver various types of commercial cargoes to the Mongolian People’s Republic:

  • machines, equipment, tools;
  • transport;
  • spare parts, components;
  • industrial equipment;
  • medicines;
  • food products, including perishable ones.

We accept applications for the delivery of oversized project cargo, long structures, and heavy equipment to Mongolia.

We cooperate with the monopolists of Russian Railways-TransContainer, as well as with the owners of the rolling stock, universal and special container equipment.

Rent for export:

  • wagons, gondola cars, platforms;
  • containers of the desired type and size:
  • 20 ’, 40’, or 45 ’;
  • DV (DC) or HC (HQ),
  • ‘FR,‘ OT, or RF thermal container.

We agree on the supply of rolling stock to the territory of the sender, or the placement/transshipment of a consignment at the station.

We will issue transport documents.

We organize control and export customs clearance of products in the Central EDC.

Air delivery of goods from/to Mongolia

We organize the delivery of goods by air through the terminals of Pulkovo, Moscow Aviation Center. We will take care of the solution of organizational, logistical and customs issues on international cargo delivery to Ulan Bator by air:

  • chartering a flight;
  • delivery delivery to the air terminal;
  • forwarding of goods to the TSW, declaration of export;
  • additional services upon arrival at Genghis Khan International Airport (optional).

Order calculation for the transportation of goods from/to Mongolia through the form on the page. Or ask a specialist in another convenient way:

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