Cargo delivery from Latvia

The international logistics operator Alexander Global Logistics delivers cargo from Latvia to Russia within 1 to 7 days. We transport any cargo by road, rail, sea (including ferries) and air. We provide a full range of logistics services, help with product certification in the EAEU, customs clearance at the posts of the Baltic, St. Petersburg, Kingisepp customs, North-West excise customs post.

Delivery from Latvia to Russia includes:

  • consolidation of collections in warehouses and terminals of Latvia (in 2 – 3 days);
  • labeling and packaging of products;
  • route development and shipping;
  • sea freight;
  • preparation of accompanying documents;
  • preparation of insurance documents;
  • forwarding (including intra port);
  • customs clearance (clearance);
  • storage of goods and temporary / responsible storage.

Our company has developed logistics for the transportation of goods of the following types from Latvia to Russia:

  • light industry products – clothes, shoes, textiles;
  • furniture – wooden, soft, plastic;
  • household appliances and electronics;
  • cosmetics and perfumes;
  • chemical products – industrial and household;
  • equipment – industrial, medical, agricultural;
  • power tools;
  • building materials, finishing materials and plumbing;
  • auto parts and tires, spare parts and components for special equipment;
  • food.

Transportation of goods from Latvia to St. Petersburg and Moscow

Delivery from Latvia to Moscow will take 5 – 7 days, to St. Petersburg – 1 – 2 days. Sending is carried out from Riga, Liepaja, Daugavpils, Jurmala, Jelgava. Logistics of cargo transportation to Moscow by road and rail, and by air for express shipments, perishable products, and especially valuable goods has been developed.

For the transportation of goods we provide: road trains, euro trucks, low loader trailers and container platforms, refrigerated trucks, isotherms, glaciers, railway platforms. Cargo delivery from Latvia to St. Petersburg is carried out by feeder lines. Cargo transportation of both Latvian and foreign (transit) goods is possible.

Container delivery from Latvia to Russia

Containers are completed in the ports of Riga and Ventspils. Delivery to St. Petersburg by a chartered vessel or ferry will take up to 5 days. The following types of containers are used for transportation:

  • standard 20’DC (20’GP) – for bulk with a long shelf life, not requiring special modes of storage and transportation;
  • Flat Rack 20 ‘and 40’ – for oversized, heavy or non-standard dimensions of goods (special equipment, equipment, industrial machines, pipes, metal frames and trusses, building blocks, etc.) and weighing up to 40 tons;
  • Open Top 20 ‘and 40 ’- for oversized objects, equipment, agricultural machines;
  • refrigerated (RC) 20 ’(less often 40’) – transportation of a consignment of goods with a limited shelf life (food and drinks);
  • High Cube 40 ’and 20’– for large shipments.

Container delivery from Latvia is carried out by road – placed on a container platform or under an awning (it’s cheaper), by rail – on platforms, by sea – by feeder lines.

The container from Riga to St. Petersburg is delivered on a turnkey basis: with the execution of export (EX1) or transit (T1) documents, loading and unloading operations in ports, terminals, and insurance. Specialization of our company:

  • transportation of groupage cargo in containers (LCL), by road (LTL), by air (cargo);
  • oversized transport – with the provision of specialized containers, low loader trailers, organization of ro-ro delivery by ships;
  • project transportation with the sending of oversized goods from Latvia by sea, road trains and convoys.

Customs clearance of goods from Latvia

Cargo arrives at the customs posts of the Baltic, Kingisepp, and St. Petersburg customs. The customs procedure will last from 1 to 2 days from the date of filing the declaration and accompanying documents. The company will take over the customs clearance procedure, which includes:

  • preparation of the declaration and accompanying documents;
  • selection of HS codes in accordance with the nomenclature;
  • reduction of customs costs;
  • customs clearance of goods;
  • consulting services.

The following documents are required for cargo clearance from Latvia:

  • contract;
  • transaction passport;
  • invoice;
  • cover sheet;
  • permits: certificates, certificates and declarations;
  • customs duty payment documents.

To calculate the cost of delivery of goods from Latvia, we need a minimum of information: weight/volume, type of cargo, the required time of arrival at the warehouse.

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