Cargo delivery from Greece

Alexander Global Logistics company organizes the transportation of goods from Greece to Russia by sea, air, and road. We develop routes for the transportation of consumer goods, materials, equipment from Greece in the period from 2 – 3 to 15 – 18 calendar days. The logistics of transporting textile products, clothing, footwear, household and industrial chemicals, paper, cardboard, metal products (including oversized and heavy ones), boats, yachts, river and sea vessels has been developed.

International cargo transportation from Greece is carried out with departure from the seaports of Thessaloniki, Piraeus, Volos to Novorossiysk – with transhipment in Istanbul or Constanta. The route of international transport from Greece by road passes through Bulgaria, Romania, Moldova, Ukraine (or bypassing through Hungary, Slovakia, Poland, Belarus or the Baltic countries). Air delivery – with departure from airports in Greece and arrival in St. Petersburg, Moscow time and other airports of the Russian Federation.

Delivery from Greece to Moscow

Delivery from Greece to Moscow takes from 2 to 18 days, depending on the type of transport selected. The fastest is air shipping. Flight duration is 3.5 hours (210 minutes). About a day is needed to prepare documents for the delivery of goods from Greece to Moscow.

Air transport is used for the quick delivery of small batches of goods (from 10 kg). These are medicines, spare parts for equipment repair, specific materials that require special storage conditions.

We also organize the transportation of goods from Greece to Moscow by road: vans, containers (on platforms or under an awning) – as part of the national team (LTL) of the party or a separate car. We provide forwarding services, control the transshipment of goods along the entire route. We work according to the “door to door” scheme.

Container shipping from Greece

Containers – a practical container that reduces costs, ensures the safety of goods. It is also an opportunity to organize multimodal transportation (using several types of transport), facilitates reloading from a vessel to a platform, trawl.

Container shipping from Greece is the best option for transportation:

  • clothes and shoes, textiles;
  • building materials;
  • household appliances and electronics;
  • food, raw materials.

Groupage cargo delivery from Greece is carried out in standard 20-foot containers (LCL) by sea and road, Euro trucks (LTL) and serves the purpose of saving money when transporting small quantities of goods. Consolidation of batches for shipment is carried out in up to 2 days. Cargo on pallets is secured to prevent damage on the road.

For transportation of groupage cargo from Greece, 20’GP (DC), HC are used with delivery to the sender’s warehouse within 3-5 days from the container line of the nearest port. Our company serves:

  • refrigerated – for transporting goods at a certain temperature regime (products, medicines);
  • with removable top (made of soft material) – for equipment and machinery (tarpaulin serves as protection against sea splashes, raindrops);
  • tank containers – for liquid substances, materials, including hazardous (ADR);
  • ventilated – provides a natural cooling of the cargo;
  • isothermal – maintain temperature without refrigeration equipment.

The containers used comply with ISO standards. The delivery time for specialized containers (OT, FR, RC) may exceed the estimated 3 – 5 days.

Sea freight from Greece

Cargo transportation from Greece by sea is organized in major ports of the country: Piraeus, Volos, Soloniki. Delivery is carried out in St. Petersburg, Ust-Luga, Novorossiysk, as well as in the ports of Europe: Germany, Holland, Denmark, Finland. Shipping from Greece to Russia via Novorossiysk takes up to 20 days, through St. Petersburg / Ust-Luga – up to 28.

The cost of sea freight from Greece is calculated individually. The price depends on the quantity, volume of cargo, type of shipment, requirements for storage and transportation. Shipping from Greece by sea is a safe, affordable way to transport equipment, fruits, household appliances, clothing, equipment.

Trucking from Greece

Road transport Greece – Russia is carried out in the period 11 – 14 days to Moscow via the Baltic states or Belarus, 10 – 13 days – to St. Petersburg. The route passes through MAPP Burachki, Ubylinka on the border with Latvia, Ivangorod, Shumilkino, Kunichina Gora – with Estonia.

For international road transport from Greece, vehicles with a carrying capacity of up to 20 tons and a capacity of up to 120 “cubes” are provided: vans, trucks and platforms (for transporting containers). The route is developed by our specialists, taking into account the requirements for delivery times. We organize forwarding support of road transport of goods from Greece.

For oversized cargo – a preliminary miscalculation of the route, the organization of escort by cover machines, obtaining permits and passes for travel, inspection of the condition of roads and roadside infrastructure.

Delivery of oversized cargo and equipment from Greece

When organizing oversized transportation from Greece, a full range of measures is taken to ensure the safety of the transported goods:

  • construction equipment;
  • yachts, boats;
  • oversized containers;
  • industrial equipment.

It is possible to deliver large-sized objects from Greece to Russia as part of project cargo – by convoys with the simultaneous arrival of transport at the customs post. In addition to customs clearance of cargo from Greece, our experts will coordinate the transportation, collect the necessary permits for further transportation through the territory of Russia to the warehouse of the recipient.

Delivery of equipment from Greece is carried out in OT, HC, FR, GP containers, on low loader trailers, and a beam on ferry vessels, depending on the degree of oversizedness and weight. The client is provided with an information service for tracking cargo, consultations on passing through each stage of delivery, including customs clearance (obtaining passports of products, assembly schemes, translation of technical documentation into Russian). We help with the import of used equipment (obtaining the conclusions of the CCI on the residual value of imported goods, acts).

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