Automobile transportation of goods

The international logistics operator Alexander Global Logistics will organize road freight transport in Russia and abroad. We specialize in solving complex non-standard tasks in the field of cargo transportation. We organize trucking of goods , which other carriers could not handle. We deliver by road:

  • oversized, heavy, long non-folding objects;
  • design lots of building structures, equipment, special equipment;
  • chemicals, fertilizers, hazardous substances – from 1 package to a large batch;
  • bulk materials, building mixtures;
  • sheet and molded glass;
  • heat-sensitive food products, drinks, alcohol;
  • medications;
  • living plants, planting material, seeds;
  • live animals.

We use for international and domestic transport road transport :

  • small tonnage, with a loading capacity of 0.6 – 10 tons ;
  • euro vans, megatrailers with a capacity of 86-92 m3;
  • container platforms;
  • conics, pipe trucks, car transporters;
  • low loader trailers, sliding platforms;
  • special vans for birds, cattle, pets;
  • thermal vans, refrigerated trucks.

International trucking

Alexander Global Logistics holding is represented in 8 countries of the world, including Germany, China and Russia (own offices). We are a member of international logistics associations:

  • Project Logistics Alliance;
  • Africa Logistics Network.

We organize international trucking goods and goods from countries:

  • Europe (Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Belgium, Netherlands, France, Italy, Spain, Greece, Poland, Norway, Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Bulgaria);
  • Asia (China, Mongolia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Tajikistan);
  • Transcaucasia (Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Abkhazia);
  • Middle East (Turkey, Iran, Afghanistan).

We deliver import, export deliveries»turnkey”,»to the door”,»all in” on any conditions of shipment.

Turnkey delivery of goods

We provide comprehensive services of international auto delivery in single-window mode. We solve organizational, transport, customs issues in Russia and abroad:

  • we provide rolling stock for loading, special equipment for cargo operations;
  • we provide weight control of the consignment, recalculation of packages;
  • we execute transport documents, if necessary export documents;
  • we confirm the origin, composition, quality of the shipped products (and also check);
  • control the route, dates, transportation;
  • we are responsible for the safety of the delivery (we arrange insurance);
  • we organize the customs clearance of imported/exported products in Russia.

We advise the customer on issues, documents that fall within his area of responsibility.

Groupage cargo transportation

We organize groupage trucking:

  • we consolidate consignments from 20 kg in transit warehouses in Russia and abroad;
  • we organize a transfer of small-sized items to the place of loading into the transport/destination after unloading, customs clearance;
  • we provide a weekly output of precast machines;
  • «customs cleared” combined shipments in St. Petersburg, Vladivostok, Moscow.

Road transport of dangerous goods

Accepted for road transport dangerous goods Grades 2-9:

  • in the package of the assigned group;
  • in bulk (if allowed);
  • in bulk (in tank trucks, tank containers)
  • with a full package of documents for the goods.


  • ADR accredited rolling stock;
  • driver with ADR certificate;
  • markers;
  • correctly executed transport documents;
  • required transport permissions.

Road transportation of oversized

We organize road transportation of oversized equipment, project cargo vehicles to/from Russia:

  • We work with all types of special freight vehicles.
  • We will get the necessary permissions, coordinate the route, and carry out preparatory work.
  • We will provide quick customs clearance of oversized goods, we will agree on a common EAEC code for the project’s supply.

Order calculation of automobile transportation transportation of goods through the quick application form. Or use convenient communication channels:

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