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Air transportation

Air transportation is the fastest way of goods delivery over a long distance.
There is no substitute for air transport when the delivery of goods is required urgently. It is also regarded as the best mode of transport for transporting perishable goods.

Airfreight service is characterized by tighter control over its cargo due to short transportation time, which helps to reduce the cargo exposure to theft, pilferage and damage.

Airlines offer track and trace facilities that monitor the cargo from departure to arrival.

Railway transportation

Our company has a great experience in organizing shipments of any cargo by rail. We deal with bulk cargo such as sand, gravel and break-stone, machinery such as cranes, bulldozers and other heavy equipment.

We’d like to emphasize our huge experience in shipping LCL cargo by rail with passenger speed. Within 10 days your cargo will be delivered to just about any part of Russia.


Trucking is the most effective way of transportation of goods in terms of cost and delivery time. Alexander Global Logistics provides delivery of various types of cargo by truck such as simple euro trailers, heavy trailers, trawls, low loaders etc. We also can arrange trucking of oversize and overweight cargos with obtaining of special permits and carry out complex project transportation with road surveys and preparation.

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