Air cargo

The international logistics operator Alexander Global Logistics will organize international and domestic air cargo . We solve complex non-standard tasks in the field of cargo transportation, which other transport companies did not cope with.

Holding Alexander Global Logistics cooperates with large air transport companies around the world, is a member of international logistics associations:

  • Project Logistics Alliance;
  • Africa Logistics Network.

The company has offices in 8 countries, including Germany, China and Russia.

We’ll bring by plane everything that is allowed to be transported by air and passes into the opening of the cargo compartment.

Transportation air cargo

We provide urgent transportation of goods across Russia, the EAEU and outside the commonwealth. We carry out delivery commercial air cargo :

  • passenger-and-freight flights;
  • with regular cargo sides;
  • with special air charters.

We arrange cargo transportation:

  • heat-sensitive medicines, pharmaceuticals;
  • cut and rooted plants;
  • live animals;
  • high-end cosmetics, perfumes;
  • alcohol;
  • exclusive supplies of expensive food;
  • hazardous substances permitted for transportation by air;
  • fragile equipment, sensitive equipment, electronic devices and components;
  • design collections of clothes, shoes, and fur products;
  • auto parts, components for wheeled vehicles;
  • special machinery, equipment, including oversized, heavy, long cargo units.
  • International air travel

    We deliver fragile, sensitive, expensive objects, as well as urgent commercial items to Russia via air from any country in the world. Send cargo air flight . We will solve transport, organizational, customs issues in the “all in” mode:

    • we reserve airfare, get permissions, coordinate all stages of transportation/transshipment;
    • we arrange transportation to the place of»customs clearance”/loading on board, loading and proper placement/securing in the cargo compartment;
    • we will settle customs and other formalities upon departure from the country;
    • we will provide unloading, placement of delivery at the cargo terminals of the Moscow air hub, or in Pulkovo;
    • we will quickly clear the international air cargo (we will prepare in advance on the basis of timely documents).


    Sending air cargo in Russia

    We will arrange cargo transportation across Russia air by transport. We deliver goods from Moscow, St. Petersburg, Vladivostok to any region of the Russian Federation in 12-36 hours:

    • minimize delivery times for imports to their destination;
    • we will help bring urgently needed spare parts, medicines, equipment;
    • we will safely transport live representatives of flora and fauna, perishable products.

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